8 are you a shaman?

10 Signs You Are A Shaman

Shamans are rising, are you one of them?Many of us who grew up in the western World are in fact Shamans but don’t know or understand it. Traditionally, if you were not born in an indigenous culture and initiated by the age of 30 you are not a Shaman. This for me limits the World’s […]

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The Biggest Mistake in Growing your Business

Business growth is paramount to business success. This is not rocket science is it? For you to succeed in your chosen business, you have to grow it. For entrepreneurs stepping into the business arena, it is a sharp learning curve.You have to be great at marketing, sales, content copywriting, advertising, programme and course delivery, accounts, […]

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How to Heal Your Money Story in 12 Easy Steps

HEAL YOUR MONEY STORY IN 12 STEPSHave you ever thought about money being an energy? It is.It sits well and truly in the Universal Law of Compensation. This law means that whatever you give of your heart you get back ten fold.”That doesn’t happen”! I hear you say. I know what you mean. You give, […]

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Get to Know me on News for Soul Radio

At the end of last year I set the intention to be more visible, to speak more loudly to make a bigger impact, the very next day after marking this intention I was approached by News for the Soul Radio.  Here I am, with my own radio show, every 2nd Wednesday! You can listen live […]

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Taming Your Shadow (Blogging Challenge Day 31)

The term ‘shadow’ was first mooted by Carl Jung in his work and theories of the psychology of human personality. He theorised that it held all the dark parts of a person’s personality, all the primal instincts and the less it was recognised by the individual the ‘darker and denser’ it was.My work with the […]

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Are You ‘Good Enough’ In Your Role As Healer, Coach or Mentor. (Blogging Challenge Day 28)

​Are you ‘good enough’?“The precursor to the mirror is the Mother’s face”    -Donald Woods Winnicott The ‘good enough’ concept is something I work with often. It is the prerequisite to confidence, self worth, and self esteem. Being ‘good enough’ is something very rarely felt. No more so than within the role of healer, coach […]

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