10 Signs You Are A Shaman

Shamans are rising, are you one of them?

Many of us who grew up in the western World are in fact Shamans but don’t know or understand it. Traditionally, if you were not born in an indigenous culture and initiated by the age of 30 you are not a Shaman. This for me limits the World’s need for healers, energy workers and true sensitives to do their work in a way that is accepted as an ancient way of being and has survived centuries of suppression. In fact, it is my belief that there is a vast army of souls living and working in our western culture who are Shamans in hiding.


Shamans are bridges between the spiritual and the physical, they are able to travel through many realms and to see into what appears to be the darkness to find the light. I am forever grateful to the Shamans I have worked with who saw the light in me and helped me to shine it more and more brightly. Shamans see themselves in others, they can expand their consciousness past what is proven and known and can telepathically communicate over vast distance, to animals and even to our Planet Earth. They are translators of spiritual wisdom, gatherers of spiritual energies and conduits of divine love. They bring shades of grey in between the black and the white of situations and uncover different perspectives, different beliefs and different physical experiences for their clients and the World.


You are an introvert. Shamans shift between the dimensions with their energy, our idea of space and time is difficult to manage and you often feel like you’re ‘out there’, and you probably are, but you have no idea how or why or how to manage the feeling. You find it is easier to keep yourself to yourself.

You love nature and recognise it as home. Shamans are a bridge between the consciousness of our planet and humans, they translate information from our Earth, the Moon, the Sun, the Stars, the Mountains, the Sea and from animals. You love to go out into nature and often get downloads or information when you do.



You are a sensitive. You can experience sensory overload, when the outside world is too loud, or the radio or TV gives too much information. Social Media can be ‘hectic’ and you find yourself at sea in a World of hype and comparison. You have been accused of being too sensitive and may reach for alcohol to numb yourself, food to give comfort, unhealthy relationships to prove you are worthy and you may find great solace in sleep.

You have experienced a difficult childhood, many life lessons or traumas. These are initiations, getting you ready for your role as a Shaman. You have learned compassion from experience and can hold empathy for someone without dropping into sympathy.



You feel an urge to look for something more for yourself. You feel called to a bigger purpose and feel that you can make a difference in our global conscious expansion.

You are called to serve. From an early age you have felt the need to give to humanity, to our planet to those in need. Others come to you for advice and you are the one that is always there to help. Sometimes you lose your own sense of self in this giving and are looking to find balance, to find yourself within your calling.



You experience vivid dreams. These dreams are the spirit world communicating with you when you sleep. You may feel like you astral travel without knowing how or why. This is your ability to bridge the different realms and bring back information.

You are opening up to your spiritual powers. You feel you have psychic powers, your ‘clairs’ are opening, your hands offer relief to others in the form of hands on energy healing, you ‘know’ things intuitively and you often think of something or someone and find the person gets in touch or your manifest what you were thinking of.



You suffer with physical ailments, sometimes called ‘Shamanic sickness’. Hidden Shamans are prone to auto-immune disorders, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic lyme disease, chronic pain, depression, sudden traumas such as car crashes. These all resolve once acceptance to the shamanic path or service is found.

You have always felt different, like you don’t belong, you don’t fit in and that no one understands you


I'm guessing that pretty much all of these points relate to you.

You are a Shaman, and it is time for you to embrace that part of you.

Once you do, you will feel energised, passionate, full of joy and love of life.

Once you do, those that need you will find you.

Feeling called to expand and step into your Shamanic power, then get in touch with me. I can show you how to do that, effectively and easily.

I’m waiting to hear from you, my calling is to help you remember who you are and why you came. The World needs you.

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