11 Reasons to sign up for #SuccessConsciousness Mastermind

If you are searching for success in your life and find that every time you achieve a goal or perceive a success you then move onto the the next goal, the next outcome the next thing you want to manifest and never really feel truly successful it is time to change your beliefs, behaviours, thoughts and actions around success.

The best way to do that is to get together with like minded people all with a common intention.  

To live in #SuccessConsciousness.

Success Consciousness is a way of being.  It is a life lived in celebration, gratitude with a high vibrational energetic frequency and an intention that every moment is a success.  

No more attaching to outcome.

No more measuring your worth based on comparing yourself to others.

No more beating yourself up secretly inside as you push and strive and work hard to reach that holy grail of success.

It may be, you want to be married, have a great career, be financially confident and abundant, be healthy, be calm, be a change maker and a leader.  It may be that you want to inspire greatness in others, have your own business, retire by a certain age, spend time on the golf course, never worry about money, fly to the moon and back… whatever you set yourself as your indication of success, you may always feel you’ve come up short, you may feel your self imposed glass ceiling and you may feel yourself tumbling back into your own self doubt and criticism.   

You may find you have all of these or some of these things ticked off your ‘I am a success’ list, but within you you feel like a fraud, you want more, and are searching for something outside of you that isn’t real.  Those material markers of success are found, yet you still never really feel you’ve measured up to your idea of what success is.

Success you see, is a feeling, it is not that you are ‘a success’, it is that you ‘be’ success.  For in being you, you are success incarnate.

I used to live an outwardly successful life,  I had the trappings of success – heck I was what our culture determines it is.  BUT, inside I was dying, crying and looking for a deeper meaning.  You see having it all on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean having it all.

Often high performers are actually doing just that – performing.

They have created a life outwardly successful yet inwardly tortured, full of insecurities, emotional triggers and unhelpful behaviour patterns.  They look outside of themselves for their feel good factor, for their dopamine hit. 

How much better to live in a consciousness of self that supports the vibration of success in every aspect of life.  How much better to embrace:

1.     Successful relationships that are mutually beneficial and support growth.

2.     A business or career that excites you.

3.     Living with passion in your heart and purpose in your step.

4.     Spiritual growth from a knowing that we are all connected.

5.     Personal growth by living a life on the edge of comfort trusting yourself fully.

6.     An inner intuitive power.

7.     Inner wisdom.

8.     Powerful choices

9.     Inspired actions

10.    How much better to fully master your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and create inspired action through powerful choices and an inbuilt vibration.

11.     How much better to knowing that being all YOU are is success.

You thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and actions create your life, so create a successful one from the inside out.  Live in #SuccessConsciousness and attract wealth, health, happiness, excitement and a sense of peace in your way of life.

Know when to move forward into actions without need for outcome to prove that you are worthy.

Know when to lean back, relax and trust yourself and embrace this as part of your manifestation power.

If you are busy doing

If you talk yourself down

If you compare yourself to others

If you feel its never enough

or if you are simply looking for more meaning than just achieve the next goal, the next bench mark and the next glass ceiling then #SuccessConsciousness is for you.

It is ALL inner work.

If you want insight and liberation from your self imposed bonds of comparison, lack, upper level problems, fear of actually being yourself, looking for perfection, judging yourself and others then #SuccessConsciousness will open your mind to your ability to be successful in every breath you take in life.

Now this sort of energetic frequency isn’t for everyone, you have to be brave.

You can stay stuck, afraid of your highest potential.

You can stay striving for achievements to prove you are worthy and are valid.

You can stay hiding behind a business or in a career that doesn’t fulfil you or light you up inside.

Or you can explore your #SuccessConsciousness and the layers you’ve hidden it under.

#SuccessConsciousness Mastermind is 6 months of deep subconscious shifts and energetic changes.  

It is 6 months immersed in the energy of flow and abundance.

It is 6 months surrounded with your peers, networking, supporting and providing accountability and bring witness to your growth.

It is:

  • 6 months of channelled shamanic journeys, intuitive insight and spiritual wisdom.
  • 6 months of laser mentoring in a group setting.
  • 6 months of working with me ‘live’.
  • 6 months of growth that will forever change you.

How do I know, because my clients prove it everyday.  Here are some of their achievements from this work:

1. Sold out a $420k launch in 4 weeks.
2. Signed a contract with Forbes to record a series based on a book that is still only in outline form.
3. Spoke at an event with 18 CEOs and made contact with everyone of them, signed 3 contracts with them a week after.
4. Stepped into the power of her unique gift and owned her Star Shaman status
5. Healed their significant relationship and avoided divorce
6. Doubled their income in 6 months based on energetic work.
7. Went from near bankruptcy to signed 6 High End Contracts in 6 weeks.
8. Left the corporate world with a big redundancy package and set up their own executive coaching business

9. Found inner peace and self love for the first time
10. Launched their online coaching business and is easily moving to earning 7 figures.
11. Went from dreaming of being a commissioned artist to landing a £30k contract in one month.
12. Signed a celebrity client and has continually repeated this high end work.

Success consciousness may sound like a ‘concept’, but it is a way of being that throws out the old way of burnout, of feast and famine, of next shiny object syndrome and of looking outside of yourself for answers why you’re not where you want to be.

Here’s what Dr. Shanequa Fleming, MBA has to say

“I’ve had the ability to lead and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves since I was a young girl. However, as many women, at pivotal points in my life what IS natural for me became clouded by the filters of society that suggests women should “be seen and not heard.” So I muffled my voice.

 Working with Sarah has helped me to clearly see the core and true essence of who I am. I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling to lead and support other executives and leaders to powerfully serve the world.

Come and join me – apply here!

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