4 Ways to Live with Success Consciousness

Success Consciousness and manifesting a life you love go together.  Living with Success Consciousness is a way of being, it is not attaching to a goal or achievement and measuring your level of success on cultural views.  It is a consciousness that knows you are success by being you and living to your highest potential in the moment, whatever that is.  

This is a different way of looking as success, it brings success to a level that attracts a life of success to you.  A life of joy, excitement and of stretching your idea of who you are and what you can do.

Success Consciousness, is an energy of trust and knowing that you are a beautiful expression of the Universe and in your being you achieve success moment by moment and manifest quickly because of it.  If you think of the Law of Attraction you’ll understand why.  Like attracts like energy – so your knowing of success in being vibrates in your energy and you create success after success in your life, strengthening that consciousness.  

I’ve put together 4 easy ways that you can live with Success Consciousness.

1. What lights your fire?

We all want to live a life that we really dream of.  Often, though your dreams are not big enough.  They are boxed in by what you feel you should achieve, or what you’ve seen others do, that you like the look of and would like something similar for you.

For you to stretch your boundaries and get really excited about what your life could be, you have to get some ‘skin in the game’.  What I mean here is that you have to take a risk on you.  You have to come to a place where you are honest about what really lights your fire, that passion in your belly?  

What makes you excited? What ignites your passion for you?

Think on this a little differently for a moment, I’m not talking about what you do well now.  Although this may be comfortable, there will be a level of comfort around it.  You know you’re good at it.  I’m wondering where you could go with it, that will impact you and others more.

In my conversations with different people, I found that although they were very good at what they were doing, and have been doing it for a long time, their being good at something was limiting them.

For example, if you are good at speaking live?  How about a live event where you gather people together and raise the energy.

Or if you are great a blogging, collate everything you have and write a book?

If you’d love a promotion, take a risk and talk about it, 

Or if you want to live ‘off grid’, and travel with your family, put your house on the market and go for it.  (I had a client do this recently, it was amazing to watch them overcome their fears and really get excited about their life as an adventure).

The reason dreaming bigger takes you towards Success Consciousness is that it forces your resistances, mind chatters and excuses out into the open.  And it is these that need to surface, so you can become aware of them, reframe them and let them go. 

Reaching into what really excites you and what really lights your fire, is the first little thing that’s going to help you live a success consciousness and become that manifesting master, after all, if you want to manifest something, you’ve got to have an idea of what it is, and your energy has to match that idea.  

With success consciousness, knowing that you’re successful already in your own being, vibrating at that frequency in your energy will facilitate manifestation of a life that excites you.  How do I know? Because I hold this energy and teach it to my my clients, Success Consciousness makes absolutely wonderful things happen – like the client that was approached by Forbes to record a series for them, 3 weeks after visioning this in a session, or the client that brought through a unique healing modality after 4 sessions with me, and is now teaching it globally… amazing stuff!

2. Own your own value

Owning your own value is a continual practice. 

It means consistently speaking your own truth, expressing your needs and wants for your life.  It means giving voice to your inner knowing and beliefs and it means doing that with compassion for yourself and for those around you.

Imagine, that event you wanted to host was happening, you are SO excited, there are nerves as this is a big step, a big investment and within you your mind chatter is playing around “I’m not sure I can do this, who am I to go and share my Soul’s purpose with the room, will they listen?”

This is where your ‘small self’, your left side brain and your saboteur is trying its best to keep you safe.  This is where you can step in by connecting to your right side brain, your connection to all that is, and your creativity and own your own value.  This is where Success Consciousness comes to play, sweeping away your fears and igniting your knowing, passion and trust.

Owning your own value, comes with ensuring your charge your worth in what you do and allowing yourself to receive it.  

If you have your own business and your fees don’t excite you, don’t stretch you to be your best self, or worse leave you feeling resentful and feeling that you are over giving, it is time to change them.  Charging your worth is part of Success Consciousness, that knowing of your own value in your being.

If you are employed and feeling that you don’t earn enough, this is the time to go and express your disappointment, or look for another placement where you can feel more valued.  You have the power here to bring change.  This too is Success Consciousness, knowing you bring high value to everything you do, and knowing that you are worthy of receiving its like in money.

3. Unpack and Reframe Your Blocks and Resistances

The third way to look at success consciousness is to unpack and reframe your blocks and resistances.

You’ve dreamed bigger for your life, you’ve got an idea of what you want to manifest in your life.

Take stock here, what are you saying to yourself within you, do you believe you can?

Are things happening in your life that seem to be blocking your efforts?

Are others triggering you?

This is what lies beneath the surface of your awareness, these resistances are pure gold in Success Consciousness, they give you a clue to the limiting beliefs you hold around your life, your being and your energy. 

I often see my clients resist, resist, resist, as though they have placed themselves within a fortress of everything they already know about themselves.  Success Consciousness invites you to know yourself on a deeper level.  It invites you to tear down the fortress of what you already know about you, and dive in deeper.

You cannot change your beliefs if you are not aware of them, Success Consciousness is a constant practice of awareness.

4. Be Able to Receive

This can challenge you, being able to receive means trusting, and letting go of how things will manifest.

Your masculine energy of doing will get you far.  In order to manifest you must take action, yet if you are being busy doing doing doing, because you feel that you must, or you feel you will miss out, or you feel that you are not worth anything unless you are actually doing something (this is something that I have within my energy), then your feminine energy of self compassion, self love and self trust needs a little dusting off.

We do need motivation, we also need to be able to allow the Universe to send us what we need.  This is living Success Consciousness, which brings a balance between the two energies within us.  

So, do what you can towards your dreams, love this, be compassionate to yourself as you take action, evoke the energy of excitement and the let go of needing to control any single outcome.  Trust yourself completely.

This trusting, knowing, being, is Success Consciousness.

Success consciousness is not about attaching to the outcome, it is a way of being.  It is knowing that in your breathing, in your conscious existance on this planet, you are success. It’s about getting excited about who you are, it’s about being happy with who you are, and having joy in your living.

In Summary

Dream Bigger

Own your own value

Unpack your resistances

Trust yourself to receive

The trick is to know you are success,
right now, in this moment.

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