5 Ways to Activate Your Abundance


That old elusive energy – abundance… Everybody wants it. Yet how do you activate the energy of abundance within you? Its the million dollar question, right. The ever changing idea of success. Whether you define abundance or, indeed, success as money, health, happiness, travel, business growth, personal growth it all comes down to having more of what you’ve got.

That wanting more than you’ve got means that you have to grow personally to be able to achieve it. You may think you have to only grow on a business level but that’s not how it works. For your business to expand and become more profitable, attract more clients, sell more of your products it needs you to become more confident, more visible, more expressive, more clear, more determined… it needs you to become more too.

That becoming more is the tricky part. Not only do you have to get to know yourself better, after all whenever we push our understanding of who we are into a bigger place we get uncomfortable as our limiting beliefs come into our awareness. It is these limiting beliefs that stop the flow of abundance in our lives.

Have a think about a beautiful garden.

That garden is abundant in flowers, vegetables, trees and wildlife. These are your ideas, your clients, your products.

Every part of the garden and the things that live in it work together to create the abundance. These are your resources and processes.

Every year, the garden struggles through the depths of winter, it goes within, it goes underground, it hibernates. This is your time of building and birthing your new ideas.

Then as spring appears and the weather warms new shoots of growth make their way tentatively out of the ground. This is you as you start to share your new ideas.

If a frost comes they’ve had it. This is your limiting belief that you are not good enough to receive.

If a drought comes they won’t grow as big as they should. This is your limiting belief that you only deserve a small amount of success.

What they need is someone to support them as they grow. Someone to cover them and protect them from the frost, and someone to water them when there is no rain. With that support these new shoots soon become plants growing into the sunshine of summer, ready to bloom, ready to blossom, ready to share their beauty in the garden.

This garden is like you. You have times of struggle, times of drought, times when your growth is suddenly stopped and times when you need support outside your own natural being.

So tending to your own garden is something that will help you activate your own abundance flow.

Here are 5 simple habits that will help your inner garden flourish and blossom.

1. Plant your abundance seeds.

These are the thoughts that come into your mind, the first inkling of an idea of what you want to grow and manifest in your life.

2. Set powerful intentions of what it is that you want to achieve in your life.

Deciding what you want to receive is the first step here. Imagine if you will, which gorgeous plants and flowers you are going to plant in your garden. You can picture the image of a rose very easily, it is clear, colourful, fragrant, beautiful. Do the same with your intention, build a picture of how that will look and feel.

3. Attend to your energy.

Ensuring that it is ‘humming’ at the highest vibration you can achieve. So become aware of your inner mind chatter around your intentions here. If your intention is being drowned out by the noise of negative thoughts – you know the kind “I’ll never get this”, “this isn’t something anyone will listen to” or the worse “this is going to take such an effort, better not to try”. Your energetic vibration will not be at its highest. So turn these thought patterns around into positive sentences, “I am absolutely going to get this”, “the right people will love hearing what I have to say”, “I am so excited to do all that I need to to achieve this, whatever it takes, no matter what”, and you’ll soon see and feel a difference in your ability to manifest abundance.

4. Resource yourself.

You are the driving force in this abundance flow, so if you are running on empty, if you put everyone else around you first you will be blocking the flow. So ensure that you take time to rest, have fun, pamper yourself and generally look after you. This sends the message out there to the Universe that you know you are worthy of your dreams, that you live a life where love for yourself is within your heart and that you value your own self and energy highly.

5. Take action.

It is all very well planting abundance seeds, setting powerful intentions, attending to your energetic frequency and resourcing yourself but if you don’t do something, everyday, towards your dreams, they will stay as dreams. So as with every garden, there are daily tasks that need to be done. Write a list of these, and celebrate when you have achieved them. Keep doing what you can to nurture your garden and grow your abundance seeds.

Abundance comes from within you, it flows through you and is your birthright. It is more that money, more than success, it is the ability to live and experience all that you can, it is the love that you feel in your heart for you and all things. It is something that grows.

One last additional tip, for you today.

BE GRATEFUL for all that you have already. Sit in gratitude daily for your life, for all that you live, for the moon, the sun, the stars, our Earth, our seas and oceans, the myriad of life that our planet supports and your place within it.

Want to experience more? Join me on my 7 Day Gratitude Challenge.

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