6 Steps to Expand Your Energy and Expand Your Impact

Expanding your energy means you grow as a person.  Expanding your energy means allowing yourself to receive more and more experiences in your life that fill you with joy, excitement and happiness.  Expanding your energy means living a healthier life, inside and out.

Personal growth, spiritual growth, taking steps to your next level in life and business all begin with you.  I mean your inner you.  This inner you is your energy, it is your vibration and it reflects your core beliefs around who you.  It is affected by your life’s experience and stores everything you’ve been through within you.  Much of that library of information is unconscious.  It is logged in your reptilian brain, in your fight and flight response evoking responses within you that are knee jerk, trigger, default and usually unhelpful.  These responses show up time and time again. They do, especially when you are about to expand your life.

Even if you have done masses of work on yourself, have delved deeply into your Shadow and know yourself as well as anybody can, these unconscious patterns rear their ugly heads (they’re usually unhelpful hence my ‘ugly’ description) whenever you are about to up-level or expand, experience more of yourself, or receive more money or have to speak from your heart about your truth.  These default behaviours and emotions, thoughts and feelings are suddenly right back there in your mind, your energy and thoughts.


Well, you dare yourself to be more, you decide to be better and you face the fear of being all that you can squarely and step into your potential, your next level, your future self.

Here’s how:

  1. Uncover your limited beliefs, the ones that are your default. 

    This gives you an awareness of them, allowing you time to change them. Understanding them gives you space to to take a breath, decide that the old behaviour wasn’t that helpful, recognise that is based on the old and past you (usually much younger) and do something differently, more positively.  In doing so, you step away from that reptilian brain fight and flight response and ignite new neural pathways in your brain.
  2. Look at the emotions coming through. 

    If you have any emotions around a situation, event or person it means there is still more processing  for you to do.  Emotions, are energy in motion and they need to move, so if you are still stuck in blame, victim, anger or guilt or any other emotion look at why.  You are not able to change a single thing about the past, all you can do is remove its power of you in the now.  So look at your part in the situation, forgive everyone involved including and most importantly yourself.  Remember if there is still emotion, then there is more uncovering to do.
  3. Develop a relationship with your inner child 

    Your childhood years were impressionable and during this time you will have taken on many beliefs around who you are and how you need to behave in order to be accepted and loved.  These unconscious beliefs are conditioned learning and will have been adopted from your parents, your family, your friends, your culture, your teachers and any other part of your environment growing up that you attached importance to. This conditioning stays hidden.  It comes up when we feel vulnerable, so at every point of growth or life change.  Every time you have to be seen or heard, when you have to share your truth or your business.  When you give from your heart and/or when you stand strong in your boundaries of who you are.  Your inner child holds the key to your creativity and your sense of wonder and she is crying out to be mothered and loved by you.  You, because you know what she needs, because she is you.
  4. Discover and master your shadow.

    Your shadow or unconscious has developed many aspects of you to help you survive.  That is its prime motivation, your survival, but, it lives in retrospect and was formed in the past.  Becoming aware of its patterns opens up the energy held within it and releases blocked emotion and aids spiritual growth.  After all it is also hiding your golden shadow, that beautiful potential within you, that you’re not quite ready to step into.
  5. Connect more fully with your Higher Self.  

    Your Higher Self is all that you are, it knows everything about you and much more about your journey than you can ever imagine.  It is the power house of spiritual energy behind your life, your purpose and all the things you experience.  Your Higher Self is your connection to the greater consciousness and she guides you where you need to go, sends you everything to help you along your way and is there for you always.  Information from your Higher Self, your intuition, comes through neutrally, there is never an emotional charge to her guidance.  You may well, immediately after receiving her knowing, attach an emotion to it, but the initial ‘go here, listen to her, try this’ will never evoke anger, anxiety, fear, excitement or impatience. 
  6. Unite your inner child, shadow and Higher Self together forming a trine of information.  

    Your own inner consulting team.  The triangle in sacred geometry is the symbol of creation, imagine the creative wonder of your inner child, the energy of your potential or your golden shadow hidden in your unconscious joining forces with the spiritual power and knowing of your Higher Self.   

Actually, don’t imagine.  Make it a reality in your life.  

This is where your own personal magic will grow and you will create alchemy in your life. Transformation is available to you.

If you’re thinking you’ve done all you need to, or your ‘sorted’ around inner child work, or shadow work, this is actually your saboteur coming through to close down the possibility that you can be much more than you think you are.  

Chase away the mindset that looks for validation of what you already know, find your ‘beginner’s mindset.  The one that is open to learn new things, and see new perspectives, for this is the place of growth.

You really are limitless, your potential is amazing.

Don’t take my word for it, discover and master your unseen potential for yourself.

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