6 Steps To Success Consciousness

What do you think success is?  Achieving a goal perhaps, or landing that promotion, selling out your launch, or experiencing a loving relationship?

And, I’d agree, all these things are moments of success.

I used to live a life where I thought external situations and achievements marked my level of success and therefore my level of happiness.  Success equals happiness, right!?

Or does it?

I don’t think so, you see, I used to live in a truly beautiful house, surrounded by acres of land, I used to have money to use to experience whatever I wanted in life, I used to have a successful business developing property, I have sat on committees, raised money for charities, volunteered for organisations to help young people overcome poverty and homelessness, crime and mental health.  Looking in on my life back then I was living successfully.

Yet I was miserable, within me I was uncertain, looking for approval, searching for meaning, addicted to people pleasing and over giving and physically and emotionally ill.  THIS WAS NOT SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS.  

Success Consciousness is something else, it comes from within and it is the knowing and belief that by being YOU, you are a success.  

How would it be, though, if you didn’t look outside yourself to experience success?  Have you ever thought of that idea?

You will have to retrain your brain, think new thoughts and believe different beliefs to achieve it… all something you can do simply and easily.  All it takes is a decision, you get to choose to live success everyday, every moment, every breath.

You know how I know, because I’ve done it, and I’ve facilitated this for my clients.

Learning to be empowered
Learning to find the highest frequency for my energetic vibration at any given moment
Learning to use the power of thought
Learning to reframe my inner challenges
Learning to harness the power of the Universal Laws (all of them)
Learning to recognise myself as something more than just physical
was a game changer.

Here I am talking to one of my mentors (Lenka Lutonska) all about the 6 keys to Success Consciousness.

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