6 Ways You Can Consistently Raise Your Energetic Frequency for Success

Today I’m talking about what it takes to be a high achiever.  Whatever that means for you.  A high achiever, someone who lives and breathes success.  In business, in financial rewards, in relationships, in life, I imagine your future self is a high achiever, far out achieving what you are achieving now.  AND, your future self is waiting patiently to be manifest into your life.  

The one thing I see in my clients (all high achievers, 6 figure earners, Forbes contributors, business success stories and masters of their own inner worlds) is consistency.  It is something I absolutely advocate, it is how I live and it runs through everything I teach.

Yes… consistency, but I mean high energetic consistency.

We can all show up every day on our chosen platform or office.  We can all be busy doing doing doing, we can all form business structures and strategies, plans and goals.  This is a form of consistency, it is male energy consistency.  The sort that tells us to be successful and live a dream life we must work hard, put in the hours, and keep going even when we are dog tired.  Now that does take consistent motivation, but it is missing something huge.

What I’m talking about is a different way of being consistent.

I’m talking about maintaining a consistent high frequency energy.

None of the other stuff will work long term without consistent high frequency energy.

What is that – consistent high frequency energy.

It is your vibration, humming, attracting, manifesting from a place of knowing, excitement, wonder, love and trust.

How do I manage that?

Know yourself

Master your inner world

Love yourself

Trust yourself

And, try these simple 6 steps to consistently live with a high energetic frequency to help you on your way.

  1. Journal daily, to dump out of your mind all that is whirling around inside there.
    Clear some space.  Your thoughts create your life and your world your success and your ability to highly achieve, so it is a good idea to clear them out daily and notice them.  
  2. Lean into your intentions and goals daily.  
    What do you want to achieve, what do you want to manifest.  Wonder on these things, talk to yourself in the now, as though they are in your life already.
  3. Check in with your resistance to these intentions and goals.  
    What are you saying to yourself about why you can’t, why you shouldn’t and why you’re not ready.
  4. Reframe these resistances.  
    To give you an example of a reframe.  ‘No one will by my programme’ reframes to ‘how can I easily attract those ready willing and able to invest in my programme.’ It gives you a clue on a next step.
  5. Sit in your own stillness and listen to your intuitive guidance. 

    Remembering this comes through with a neutral vibration and doesn’t hold emotion.  Invite insight and guidance and then record what comes through and act upon it. Again, check in to any resistance that comes through, it may be that you tell yourself, its not coming, nothing’s happening.

  6. Lean into trusting yourself, lean into trusting the Universe, lean into receiving.  

    Which usually means stopping doing, going to have some fun, and paying attention to something other than.

The thing here is resistance is the key to unlock your subconscious patterns of energetic beliefs.  So working on your inner world allows you to shift these resistances, follow the path they show you within to old experiences, situations, beliefs, acknowledge them, understand where they came from and why you still hold onto them.  – They are outdated ways of being, usually laid down in your subconscious in response to something you didn’t feel comfortable with in your past, they can be cultural learnings or conditioning from your family, all of which you have the power to overcome and change.

This inner work, allows you to rewire your mind and to allow positive thoughts to flow through you.  

So you can consistently vibrate at the highest energetic frequency that is available to you.

So, have a go at my 7 steps to consistent high frequency energy and let me know how you get on.

If you come up with resistance, comment below and I’ll help you navigate through it.  OR, you can try my 7 meditations, designed to re-set your energy daily for just £11.

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