Sarah nailed my "issue"

I had wanted to work with Sarah for a few months before it manifested, and our session was perfectly timed. I came to Sarah with a decade of shamanic work under my belt, during a time of transition, eager to experience Sarah’s method and to work with a female shaman. Sarah may be soft spoken on video, but wow, she is a spiritual powerhouse. She blew me away. Within minutes Sarah nailed, my “issue,” something that was the very core of what I sought help with. We took a journey to a particular lifetime to reclaim what I had given away.

What happened next was totally unexpected and quite frankly miraculous. In calling back the energy I had given away, I was gifted with a very powerful spontaneous initiation from an ascended master and a remembrance of who I was, who I am, and what I am capable of. Since our session, many wonderful shifts have been happening.

The most significant shift has been a sense of completeness. For most of my life I had felt that “something” was missing. I am now able to be present in the moment, in a way that previously eluded me. It is hard to explain, but I am no longer caught up in worrying about what is to come, or feeling antsy for the next “thing” to happen. I have a much clearer sense of myself as a Cosmic Being. I was watching the sunset illuminate the sky one evening, soaking up the beauty of it, as hues of gold, pink, orange and purple lit up wispy clouds. This clarity came, that I absolutely am a spiritual being, a traveler who is currently “hanging out” getting the Planet Earth experience, and I was filled with an incredible joy. That feeling was accompanying by an indescribable “knowing” about the vastness and variety of what the Universe has to offer.

Sarah is a master healer and teacher. I am filled with gratitude that our paths crossed and even as I write this am in awe of the work we have done together and it’s profound impact on my life. Sarah helped me reclaim a precious part of myself that makes going forward with my soul’s purpose feel effortless and comfortable. It has given me the clarity and confidence to truly see, understand, and to put my gifts out into the world. I look forward to continuing the work I have started with her so that I can more fully serve my own tribe.

Amy Bellart Aromatherapist/Healer