She truly works magic!

I just want to celebrate and say thanks to Sarah Ann Negus!

I've just completed her Modern Shaman Mastermind Lite. It totally helped me pull together the things I've been doing in a more comprehensive way and deepen my own personal work.

She truly works magic!

Then this morning, I woke up to the sound of an owl hooting. And Sunday evening I came upon owl feathers going to and coming from time spent in the back of my large yard doing some journaling and ceremony with the full moon and Elementals.

The owl feathers made me curious about the message that Owl brings. Owl is there for support when you are ready to uncover the truth and nothing but the truth, need deeper inner vision, and are ready to integrate unwanted and hidden aspects of your shadow into light. I think things are going to be interesting and rewarding in the next months for myself and my clients.

And while ongoing growth and development is a wonderful gift in and of itself, the work I'm doing spurred by this mastermind with Sarah, has also resulted in clients, income, and other tangible rewards. Sometimes these tangibles have seemingly showed up immediately and out of the blue.

Brenda J King Clinical Psychologist, Intuitive, Healer, Guide