I saw Sarah speak at Extraordinary Live Event and she took us through a shamanic journey.

I had a vision of the world burning and that I had to die.

I asked her what this was about as I didn’t think it was literal and she said it was an ego death. I don’t know what happened next but I released a huge amount of energy in the form of screaming and crying (in front of 100 people!) Sarah calmly came down off the stage and held the space while I released it fully.

The next day I realised a pain that I’d had in my back for months was gone. I also felt compelled to share with the group that I had been living in fear of connecting with powerful women.

That day I asked for help in breaking the pattern.

That day I received probably 30 hugs and loads of messages of support in the group.

I felt part of it instead of an outsider looking in. I didn’t expect any of that but Sarah’s power as a shaman took me to a higher aspect of myself so I could access what I needed in order to let go of the past. I’ll be forever grateful for this powerful shift in my awareness. To be able to hold 100 women in this way is incredible and a testament to Sarah’s dedication to her work.

Samantha Dunnage - samanthadunnage.com