It is EXTREMELY rare to meet someone who is both Master of Energy, AND a sassy business woman. 

This gives your coaching a whole new dimension. I know I can talk to you as much about internal matters as on topics such as P&L etc. While you might not think it’s business coaching, it is, you are offering very valuable perspectives. 

The way you hold the energy throughout the coaching process is a unique skill. It’s one thing to say “We will do it together” and to REALLY do it together. I believe results of your clients are as much a matter of fantastic coaching and opening of your clients spiritual gifts, as much as you holding energy for your clients.

Yesterday, when you said to gentleman (Paul) sitting on the table with us: “There is a lot of energy in pursuing funding option as an extension of your business. I’m channelling it, so I want to pass it on.” That takes a lot of confidence. I LOVED how you owned your gift, and shared it in environment full of multi-seven-figure CEOs. It’s that type of “quiet power” that gives edge to your coaching and helps clients to get results.

Also love that you are channelling lots of specific ideas. That’s definitely extra!! 

Another of your unique traits, which you’re probably aware of, is that you exude “quiet power / quiet confidence”. I can’t explain this quite fully, you’re not like little kid getting excited about everything (like me sometimes lol), but you are like water - quietly able to reshape entire landscape. I find this energy very reassuring for me as a client and rather powerful. 

Why does Lenka works with me?
Lenka is earning very close to 7 figures as a business coach and strategist to female entrepreneurs, as a coach she knows the power of the coach/client relationship and always chooses to employ a coach or mentor to assist her with her business.  She has been working with me since August 2018 with the intention of supporting her through to her Extraordinary Live event in March 2019.  She found that she was working more than 100% to get results and couldn’t get past a certain level of success.  She approached me to work with her on the energy of herself and her business understanding that they are intrinsically linked.  Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating, there is also an immense amount of pressure in continually building success.  I support her decision making process, help her put together strategy and continually work on her energy by exploring her inner Self. 
I asked her today for any other comments on why…. She wrote this.

Because no matter how successful my business is, there is always the next level. And I know that strategy and tactics alone are not enough to make it happen - it’s about who am I as a person, about how I use my energy. And there isn’t better expert on this than You (sarah). Plus, sarah has also a great business brain, so I can run strategy by her and get some fantastic ideas. A unique combination. She also makes me think bigger!!