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Find a deeper connection with life

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This is the Blueprint for True Success

I recommend her for anyone in almost any phase of their life!


Sarah was warm and engaging from the off and demonstrated a significant depth of wisdom not often encountered.

I firmly believe that true success transcends mere accomplishments; it’s about discovering purpose and fulfillment in every venture. With over 25 years of experience within the realms of energy work and business, I’ve come to appreciate that success is intricately intertwined with a profound journey of self-discovery.

It takes courage to express your true self authentically. Yet the world is yearning for authenticity and integrity in its leaders. I invite you to embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary, one that’s designed for individuals like you—visionaries, leaders, and seekers of profound transformation

My mentorship programs are meticulously crafted to cultivate emotional resilience, spiritual intelligence, and leadership skills. These qualities are pivotal in acknowledging that a mature healthy culture is the bedrock of any venture’s triumph.

In my capacity as a coach or mentor, I offer a distinctive blend of ancient shamanic practices, with modern mindset strategies, and profound intuitive insights all wrapped together with a life of real-time business experience. I comprehend the challenges faced by accomplished professionals —feeling disconnected despite external achievements, grappling with habitual subconscious patterns that affect relationships, and yearning for a deeper sense of purpose.

I’ve had the privilege of witnessing remarkable transformations in individuals and teams, resulting not only in personal fulfillment but also heightened productivity and enhanced well-being. 

Here’s to a future where success is measured not only by external markers but by the authenticity and purpose that radiate from within.

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Inner Circle of Success

A 6-week self study program designed to help you create more success and impact in your business and life

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Shamanic Lounge

Powerful Shamanic Journeys to bust through your conditioning and develop your intuitive power.

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