The Healers Power Grid E-Course $97

You’re a healer, you know you need to raise your rates and step up your game to the next level but you aren’t quite sure how to do that.

I am Sarah Negus, the Healer’s Healer and The Healer’s Power Grid will give you just the tools, confidence and complete expansion to do just that.

This highly transformative programme will take you from the healer you are now to the Healer you long to be in your heart.

In under two hours you will:-

  • Learn to access Source confidently, easily and on demand!
  • Understand how to align yourself with your client soul to soul for greater results and increased clarity.
  • Use this technique to bypass your own filter so you are supplying your clients with specific energy aligned results, messages and more.
  • Increase your Personal Power and raise your energy through this technique given to me via Source.

This is for you IF:-

  • You are a healer and you are ready to charge premium rates and provide premium results.
  • You are looking to increase your gifts, talents and capabilities in your soul expansion journey.
  • You are ready to get deeper and go farther into the field of energy than ever before.

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Otherwise, click the PayPal link to get instant access.

This is not for you IF:-

  • You want to stay at the same level energetically.
  • You are satisfied with getting moderate results for your clients.
  • You believe you shouldn’t be compensated fairly and you aren’t interested in providing extraordinary results that have clients begging to work with you.