I’ve known Sarah Ann Negus for over a year now.
When I first ‘e-met’ her, my inner soul stirred.

Something was there.

But I left it.

Sarah made the move to have her Soul Branded with my business, which I absolutely LOVED! And it helped me get to know her better too.

She has been a part of my circle for a while now, and I just recently signed up with Sarah as HER client.

I’m very self-reliant and have taught myself MANY things. But NOTHING can teach me what Sarah is taking me through.

You see, I cannot expand into my exponential unseen potential by myself, because I cannot see me, due to me being my own enemy most of the time.

Sarah mirrors me and the way I expand is INCREDIBLE.

I have worked with and for MANY healers and coaches and each and every one is UNIQUE and I’m ever grateful.

This level with Sarah is only recommended for those who KNOW beyond a shadow of doubt that they’re destined for Leadership that’s going to change the world.

And where you need to get out of your way.

I’m so so so excited for those that sign up. Just when you thought you couldn’t go bigger, Sarah enters your life.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl Creator of Soul Brand Marketing©