Is Your Abundance Frequency Vibrating on Lack? (Blogging Challenge Day 29)


I know you want to be abundant. I do too. Abundance after all is all around us.

Our Earth is abundant, when left alone and not touched by the hand of man. Water, air, minerals, sun, everything we need. Just look at the rainforest, how much life is there on and around just one tree. How many species exist and thrive there. If you’ve ever visited such a place, I’m sure you will have felt the hum of life and the dense vibration of living.

The Universe too is abundant. Scientists now estimate there are 200 billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy alone, and it is estimated that in the observable Universe there are over 100 billion galaxies. WOW! That is abundant, right!

Abundance is all to do with energy , vibration, and action. All these things can, and do, draw or repel it.

So lets get clear here. I don’t just mean money, although it does flow in this energy. I mean abundance of experience. As it happens, we need money in this world to experience life to its fullest. Experience of life is something we do every single moment. If we are feeling and thinking in ‘lack’ as we experience this, that is what we find keeps coming towards us.

If every experience you have is coupled with thoughts such as ‘its not fair’, ‘why is this happening to me again, its awful’, ‘life is hard’, ‘you have to work hard to earn a living’ or ‘I’m not good enough to succeed’. then you are limiting your experience of life to these thoughts.

Our thoughts create the life we live. They are very powerful, they set our frequency and our vibration. It may be that you don’t know where your unhelpful thoughts have come from. So take a few moments and see if you can track any of them back to your parents, teachers, peers and even your culture. Have you taken on something that isn’t yours and isn’t helpful?

I find that these negative thoughts create negative behaviour patterns. Procrastination, self sabotage, self criticism and sitting in the energy of being a victim to life. Can you see how these things would stop you from living abundantly? Not just financially, but in terms of love, energy, hope, joy, and freedom.

All these qualities are available to all of us abundantly. All we need to do is work with some of the spiritual laws of the Universe.

1. Law of Vibration

Everything is energy, and everything holds a vibration, including us. It is our job to vibrate at our highest frequency. What I mean here is to get excited, to get motivated, and decide how your vibration is going to vibe… low, high, indifferent. Small and quiet, or loud and certain? Create the feeling of abundance within you, feel it expand and lift you. Rise to it.

2. Law of Gratitude

Gratitude is healing and powerful. It is one of the most creative energies out there. Be grateful for all that you have in your life and business. Open you heart to all that you have and all that you are and feel its worth within you. Living with gratitude in your heart will open you up to more of the things that you desire.

3. Law of Belief

You are co-creating with the Universe and are an expression of that power in this life. What you believe in your heart and mind will be so in your life. So check in with your inner world and uncover your deeply hidden belief patterns. They are stopping you from being the abundant expression of the big YOU that you are. Work through your beliefs. Where did they come from? Are they relevant now? How can you change them around to be more helpful for you? eg. ‘Who am I to shout about what I can do?’ changes to ‘I am offering a great service that brings transformation to my clients.’ and ‘I’ll never earn enough to make a decent living at this.” changes to ‘I am offering a great service that brings transformation to my clients.’

4. Law of Polarity

This is about balancing the feminine and masculine energies within you. Connecting to your intuition and nurturing yourself while finding the drive to move forward towards your potential.

5. Law of Action

This is your commitment to the Universe that you are playing with it. In effect, it is you pressing the GO button on your desire for abundance.

I always like to tell the joke of the beggar and St. Peter. The beggar is constantly praying to St. Peter that he would win the lottery, praying and praying the same prayer every day for weeks and weeks, until finally St. Peter shouts out “Yes you will win, but first you must buy a lottery ticket”.

There’s not a lot of point praying, meditating and thinking on something if you don’t ground it with action.

6. Law of Cause and Effect

For every action or inaction there is a reaction a consequence of doing and/or not doing. This includes attitude and perspective. So check in with your inner world. Are you secretly whispering in the language of the victim of life? Just asking!

eg. I am not as successful as I would like to be – this is a secret hidden victim.

7. Law of Intention

The power of intention is huge. When we make our up mind with clarity and certainty we powerfully direct the energy of the Universe.

SO…. having come this far in this blog, I’m asking you again, is your abundance frequency vibrating on lack?

If it is, this is the chance to change it.

Here is exactly what to do:

Work on your vibration

Be grateful everyday

Uncover your unhelpful beliefs and change them

Balance your drive and your intuition

Take inspired actions every day towards your dreams

Take responsibility for your actions or non-actions externally in life and internally within

Set a powerful intention and work towards it in energy and in life

I’ll leave you with a powerful mantra for financial abundance.

‘I am easily receiving £(put in your figure) right now.’

Make sure you have the infrastructure in place to achieve this goal, work on your energy, your beliefs, your inner thoughts, set this intention powerfully. Then, give it up to the Universe, take action towards it everyday with the excitement and wonder of a child, feel into the mantra, knowing you are supported and that all you desire is coming to you.

This is something I do every month, in terms of money, connections, and anything else I want to achieve. I do what I can do towards it, set the intention, and then hand the rest over to the Universe.

I am never disappointed – this stuff works!

Let go of living in the energy of lack and bring ABUNDANCE into your life.
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