An Overview of Modern Day Shaman® and why it is the BOMB

I was asked recently to explain what Modern Day Shaman® meant, what it was and how it was different to other healers, energy workers, or mentors.

My response was that Modern Day Shaman® is the BOMB! It excites and inspires me every day and the results I see in my clients are phenomenal.

Think of bifocal vision. Its how we see. One eye, looks at one thing, the other looks at another thing and in the middle of the two is our vision. This is what I do with you, I am able to see the illusion of your World, your reality, your lived life and I am able to see energy, the spiritual realms, your past and the possibility of your infinite futures. And I’m able to bring the two closer together so that your life lived in the now is closer to your potential and not stuck in the past forever playing over and over unhelpful patterns of behaviour you learned long ago.

If you’re reading this I imagine (I’m mind reading a bit here) that you are wanting to live your best life, being your best you. Perhaps you’re searching for more of you, more meaning, more resonance within you. Or you’re simply looking to improve how you feel now and on a day to day basis.

So let me step in and start to give you some ideas of how a Modern Day Shaman® and spiritual mentor can help you do that.

Modern Day Shaman®, what does that mean?

Shaman, in itself is a word that can be used in hushed tones, with images of feral witch doctors, and I have often been on the receiving end of negative comments about the term. The thing here is that this is cultural conditioning. Shamans have been persecuted by religious societies for hundreds of years. Shamans wobbled the status quo, with other worldly ceremony and by holding communities together, this doesn’t sit well with an invading power. Shamans are said to be quacks, they are said to be dangerous, they are said to be frauds and I am sure they are said to be many more things.

My take on this, and let’s be clear, I am a western woman, I grew up in South London, I am not indigenous. Yet I am Modern Day Shaman®. I bet if you track your energetic life back, somewhere there will be some sort of shamanic energy, and this contributes to why you love it or hate, it resonates with you somehow either scaring you or having a remembering of it and its power within you.

Shamans see things that not everybody can, two worlds, I mean this reality and all that it brings, and into your energy, looking beyond the veil, out of our illusion of life and into the real stuff. The reason that this is so powerful is because so many things are held within our unconscious… which is our energy, so outside of what we can rationalise and know.

If I put it like this, We live in a bubble, this bubble is created as we journey through our world, this bubble may be a bit cloudy and we can’t see through the clouds into actually what we really are, the bubble clouds our view of so much more that is available to us, if we looked a bit further than what we think we know.

That’s where Modern Day Shaman® helps. Being able to see these two places, the bubble and beyond, through the cloudiness.

As you live in your bubble, your now is a culmination of everything you have been through. A Modern Day Shaman® can see into your energy, can see your story or journey and can see where there are energetic hooks, emotional wounds and fragments of unfinished experiences are held. A Modern Day Shaman® can also see within your energy to your potential, your future self, that amazing you that you are still afraid of becoming.

All of us, we, me and you are living towards your own future, your future self, your potential yet all of us, we, me and you get tied up in your past and sometimes getting tied up stops you living in your now. You give yourselves excuses as to why you can’t do certain things, why you can’t achieve what you want to, why your life doesn’t manifest they way you want it to.

This conditioning that you aren’t worthy of being amazing, loved, powerful, connected, abundant, free to be you can be difficult to overcome. It can happen instantaneously, but in my experience not often. Overcoming what you have learned keeps you safe and alive takes time and process.

When you have an understanding of your own life and how you’ve come to be where you are, this allows you to see things differently. To have a different perspective going forward, it brings emotional intelligence. Giving you choice, so the next time a challenge comes towards you perhaps you can with that new found emotional intelligence look at the situation and think…. hmmm… ‘I usually do it like this, but that hasn’t served me and this time I’m going to do it this way because I understand that old way was from before and I want to step towards my future self’….. and in that decision you create a new energy around you.

A Modern Day Shaman® can help you deeply here, she is able to see what it is that is holding you in the past that is perhaps attracting the same situation over again, or where your fear is and she is also able to see where you are going and help you get there much much quicker.

A Modern Day Shaman® is able to journey with you in your energy and find out why you are afraid of your potential, why you feel not good enough to be your future self and she can help you remember exactly who you are and why you came here. And in that you realise more of your Self in your now.

This is done with shamanic journeying, quite simply this is a passion… I’ve not come anything so powerful, and I’ve been exploring energetic practices, spiritual channels for 20 years.

Shamanic journeying is achieved in an altered state of consciousness, or trance like state, or deep relaxation, it takes you into the right side of your brain (the part of your brain that can track infinite amounts of things and is your creative power) it shows you the spiritual reasons for your past and can show you glimpses of your future, all without judgement.

A Modern Day Shaman® is able to pull the energy of your future self closer to your now by diving into your past finding all the little bits of you that you’ve left back there and pull them into your now so that you can understand yourself better, and so you can decide to be free of your past conditioning, of your past lives even, and you can choose the infinite possibilities that are available to you going forwards.

The thing is you are all amazing, everyone of you reading this, is absolutely phenomenal, you’re just giving yourselves excuses as to why you cant be, you are afraid of the responsibility of being uniquely you, of being special you, of having personal power, of being creation and manifesting all you want.

Modern Day Shamans® have the ability to help you like no other, they will cut through your excuses, they’ll show you all the things you’re afraid of and they’ll show you how amazing you are and the best bit…. you’ll remember who you are very clearly and for sure, bringing lasting positive change into your life.

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