ARE YOU GIVING YOUR POWER AWAY? - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

I have questions for you.

Are you taking responsibility for your life, for your choices for you? Or do you look to others to tell you what to do?

Do you consult your guides, oracle cards, mediums or psychics often? Do you need validation from spirit that the choices you've made are the right ones? Have you considered this is a form of Victim and gives your power away?

We are the masters of our life, we are the ones manifesting our World, the spiritual energies are here to support our expansion and growth, they are not here to govern us but to help us.

Our best frame of reference, our best connection and our best guidance is from within us. It is from our inner knowing and our innate wisdom. It is delivered to us via our Higher Self, through our guides and from the ethers BUT and it is a big BUT it doesn't give us license to not make decisions ourselves from our own heart with our own energy.

So step into your own spiritual power, seek validation from within, from knowing yourself and understanding your path. Take the twists and turns in the road, seek support from the Universe, it hears you and responds to your energy. Ground your intention and your insights in actions and watch how your World grows into something beautiful that you design from your own energy.

So next time you reach for an oracle card, or for a crystal pendulum or for a spiritual reading, ask yourself am I giving away my own power of choice here.

Remember, your life is unique to you, you are energy and energy shifts and changes. Make your own decisions based on knowing your own inner world, not on the the swing of a crystal or the turn of a card.

Life doesn’t happen to you… you happen to life.

Want to step into your own AMAZING power and learn to listen to your inner wisdom, PM and lets chat about how


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Alicia Kent

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