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Activate Your Highest Potential

How to Activate Your Highest Potential

  When we talk about our “highest potential and flow,” we speak like it’s the Holy Grail. We think, “If only we can attain it, we’ll be able to…x-y-z.” The thing is, living in flow and being in our highest potential means taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your behaviors, and your actions. That means […]

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Why it´s Important to go with the Flow

WHY IT´S IMPORTANT TO GO WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE ‘Oh, lighten up Sarah’ – used to be something I heard a lot.  ‘There is no need to be so serious’… I was serious,  I was (and can still be) intense, I believed I had to work hard to earn a living, and I believed working […]

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Modern Day Shaman Interview BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey

INTERVIEW WITH SARAH ON BBC RADIO SUSSEX AND SURREY   ‘I published my first book – Modern Day Shaman®: Find a Deeper Connection to Life – at the beginning of 2021 and was excited to be invited onto BBC radio to chat about it.  Here’s the interview.’ Sarah BBC:Well, let’s talk now to a shaman from […]

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Why Shadow work is the Powerhouse of Personal Growth

WHY SHADOW WORK IS THE POWERHOUSE FOR PERSONAL GROWTH Personal development, inner work, spiritual development are all valuable ways to grow, they overlap and end up meaning the same thing – they all look towards potential and growth, and include introspection and adventures into your subconscious mind.   After all we cannot change what we are not aware of.  This dive into the mine […]

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How to Live your Full Potential

HOW TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL EVERY DAY Do you listen to your inner voice? Not the harsh mean voice that tells you off, and likes to keep you small and stuck and safe, but the calm, confident voice that says ‘yes that’s the way’. Can you even hear it in the midst of everything you […]

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What is Success Consciousness

WHAT IS SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS? Do you ever find yourself measuring your success based on the money in your bank, your business, the car you drive, the house you live in? Or how well your new product launch went? What if i told you that if you changed the way you perceive success you would actually open up […]

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Sarah's Journey Into Shamanism

Sarah’s Journey Into Shamanism with Elin Barton

Sarah’s Journey Into Shamanism Listen To The Podcast Here Sarah’s Journey Into Shamanism with Elin Barton – listen to my latest interview with Elin Barton on her podcast.”A modern-day shaman, Sarah Negus talks about her own journey into shamanism and reveals how her work helps her clients become empowered in all areas of their lives.In […]

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2 the modern day shaman mastermind lite part 2 (1)

6 Steps To Success Consciousness

6 Steps To Success ConsciousnessWhat do you think success is?  Achieving a goal perhaps, or landing that promotion, selling out your launch, or experiencing a loving relationship?And, I’d agree, all these things are moments of success.I used to live a life where I thought external situations and achievements marked my level of success and therefore […]

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Happiness and Power

Happiness and PowerI was interviewed by Rosie Freiha over on the Happiness School Podcast! In our interview, we discussed my journey and the things I discovered about happiness and power, as well as an exploration of shamanism. Listen To The Podcast Here

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