Why balancing the masculine and feminine energy within us will help manifest a life you live on purpose.

Today I’m talking about the balance between the feminine and masculine energies within us, how they play out, which one pushes forward and which one creates and how combining them consciously can bring healing.Why? Well, when we manifest we are moving between the feminine and masculine energies in balance, uniting them, and when we connect this in gratitude and love our Soul soars and our vibration lifts, connecting us with the divine oneness and growing the collective consciousness.

To explain.

Our masculine energy equates to the right side of the body, the feminine to the left side. The masculine is the left brain, which is like our computer, it stores information and holds boundaries and (they’ve proven it can track about 32 things at a time – they being scientists). The feminine is the right brain, ‘they’ cannot track how many things this side of our brains can track, it appears to be infinite, it is where we create. Masculine governs academia, drive, aggression and feminine is nurturing, creative and intuition.

So as you go about your day to day life, check in with yourself and become aware of the dominant energy within you. Is it feminine or masculine?

  • Are you able to listen to your intuition and then take inspired action towards your goals (both energies at work).
  • Do you nurture yourself as well as others, have a lot of ideas that come to nothing (this is feminine).
  • Do you rush forwards without really understanding the consequences of your actions. (this is masculine).
  • Do you procrastinate (feminine).
  • Do you take action without a plan (masculine)

.By becoming aware we can shift our energies depending on what is needed. I like to do this with the help of a Shiva Lingam stone. A wonderful enhancement to working with balance.The Shiva Lingam stone is a sacred stone in the Hindu culture, it is found only on the banks of the river Narmada in Onka Mankhata, one of the 7 holy sites in India. It is formed of cryptocrystalline quartz and is said to have been sunk into the river bed millions of years ago by a meteorite. Its shape represents the masculine energies and its markings the feminine energies. Masculine is dynamic expression and knowledge, feminine is wisdom and intuition. The stone unites the two together.

Legend says that everyone has their own lingam stone holding the signature of your soul alchemically embedded in the stone. The stone draws out our soul’s qualities and our wholeness. It is the highest vibration stone on our planet, they resonate with the master number 11 and are perfect for meditation, healing and to strengthen an individual’s personal energetic center. They generate energetic balance, soul consciousness and healing. Working through the heart chakra and 3rd eye chakra to open the heart field and help heal the individual and the planet.It is particularly helpful for those that weren’t nurtured in childhood, the stone brings in the courage to look at early experiences in a positive light to see how these early experiences shaped you.

So whatever you discover within you as the dominant energy, set the intention to engage more fully into the less dominant. If you are balanced that is great! Keep working with that in place.

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