Barefoot For A Healthier Life

I’ve been walking barefoot for most of my life. I get home, take off my shoes and socks and walk against the wood floors at home.

There’s something about my bare feet against the ground that makes me feel ‘better’!

Better than what I hear you ask.


Well, I feel better than if I wear slippers or shoes. When I have bare feet, it is as though I have another pair of eyes on the soles of my feet, somehow seeing into the earth. When I have bare feet I feel much more connected to our planet, our home, the Earth.

When I have bare feet I feel lighter in my body, more able to stand up and walk effortlessly. And, when I have bare feet, I feel more me, more centred, more able to connect with my inner world for my own benefit.

It seems that nowadays I’m not the only one who recommends this barefoot way of life – I would add here, I mean when you are able to, at home, indoors, outside on the grass, on holiday on the beach…

I don’t mean walking barefoot to work along concrete pavements will help you feel healthier. I haven’t tried it but I think (I am mind reading here) that this will just make your feet feel dirty and sore without any of the benefits I’ve mentioned above.

Grounding or Earthing as it is sometimes known helps us to neutralise the free radicals and positive ions that build up in our bodies through exposure to modern technology. Research shows that by spending time in contact with the Earth we are exposed to its negative ions, effectively rebalancing ourselves.

In terms of our posture, bare feet against the ground allows us to push into the floor, working with gravity which will push back at us and help us to stand straighter. As we push into the floor without the restriction of shoes our feet get a work out and can spread a little.

So, why don’t you try it? Walk barefoot when you can, outside, as much as you can. You will feel less stressed, you will feel lighter, and most importantly you will feel more yourself.



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