How to Live a Happier, Healthier Life: Be More Dog! (Blogging Challenge Day 22) - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

If we could take a leaf out of the book of a dog’s life, we would be happier, more content and overall live in a healthier way.

Think about it.

A dog eats when it is hungry, drinks when it is thirsty, loves to exercise, sleeps with the rhythm of the sun and moon, engages in the odd ‘power nap’, relaxes completely when it can, listens to others, expresses anger, expresses fear, and when its finished with its crap, it kicks over some mud and walks away never to look back.

It chases birds, rabbits and deer, but knows when to give up, let go and find another game. It learns new tricks that offer rewards and remembers them. It learns other tricks may not be so nice and avoids them.

Most of all a dog loves unconditionally.

So, in 2017 ‘Be More Dog’.

  • Eat when you’re hungry
  • Drink when you’re thirsty
  • ​Exercise
  • ​Sleep
  • ​Power nap if needed
  • ​Meditate
  • Listen
  • ​Express yourself
  • ​Walk away from the past
  • Chase your dreams
  • ​Let go of things you cannot achieve yet
  • If something makes you unhappy, stop doing it
  • Love





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Julie - 7th January 2017 Reply

I love this! I have learned so much from my dog(s). Loving unconditionally is definitely at the top of the list! Please feel free to visit my own blog post about my own dog. Type into the search bar, “Life Lessons” and it should come right up. 😉
PS. I love your photo with your dog!

    Sarah - 8th January 2017 Reply

    Hi Julie, thanks for reading, I’ll pop over and read Life Lessons x

Tonia - 23rd February 2017 Reply

Great article, although for me its be more cat ,I have two gorgeous cats and observing them has taught me similar things as your dog.

    Sarah - 9th March 2017 Reply

    Hi Tonia, I have a cat too, although my cat isn’t always so happy.

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