The Biggest Mistake in Growing your Business


Business growth is paramount to business success. This is not rocket science is it? For you to succeed in your chosen business, you have to grow it. For entrepreneurs stepping into the business arena, it is a sharp learning curve.

You have to be great at marketing, sales, content copywriting, advertising, programme and course delivery, accounts, financial planning and many more business essentials.

Even MORE than that, you have to be a visionary. You have to be able to focus and you have to able to keep going even when things are challenging. No one else will do this for you. It is ALL down to you.

And THIS, is where I see the biggest mistakes being made. Thinking that working at your business will be enough for you to succeed.


You see, your business is an extension of you. It is being created from your energy.


Yep.. you need to work on your inner world to grow your business.

Your inner world, is unique to you. Only you knows what’s going on inside it. Only you can hear your mind chatter. You know the stuff:

I’m not worthy”
“I’m not good enough”
“I have to work really hard to succeed”
“I always fail at everything”
“If I can just get to here everything will be ok”
“I know its coming, I can taste it”
“I’m trying to be the best in my field”

All these things going around your inner world are tied into the energy of uncertainty, they are tied into old behaviour patterns of self-sabotage and they are tied into old emotional wounds of not feeling that you have enough value to offer. All of these things will lower your vibration and drain your energy.

AND, more to the point, your clients will feel this vibration of you. They will feel the inner terror of being seen, the uncompromising voice telling you no-one’s listening, and the silent stalker of fear of stepping up into that success that you crave.

So how ever much you work on your marketing strategy, your slick sales process and your wonderful creative content, if you don’t work on YOU, on your inner world, your business will stay stuck. Just like you are. Stuck in the past, a victim to the unconscious limiting beliefs you still hold within you.

Years ago when I first started working in my business I set my intentions for growth. I visioned my clients and how I would help them and I then felt like I was pushing water up hill. Why? Because, inside my inner world I was dealing with a huge amount of insecurity around being a solo entrepreneur. I knew I had something to offer and was passionate about it, but I kept coming up against myself. I was sabotaging the process of growth because I was afraid. Not afraid of the bogey man, or afraid of the bump in the night. I was afraid of the responsibility of being myself and stepping up as the teacher I knew I was. I had to work on that before I began to see the results I wanted.

This is what you need to work on to grow your business…. YOU!

Being the best version of you that you can be in any given moment, in any situation, is what will grow your business. Being able to focus on the task at hand despite challenge after challenge. Knowing you are successful just by being you at your best and understanding you are supported in ways you can’t imagine, will bring that business growth you crave. After all, business growth means more clients and financial abundance!

So if you want to work on your business from the inside out, work on you, get to know your inner world and all that is held within it so that you can be the best version of you that you can be in any given moment.

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