How to Bring Your Big Dreams to Life (Blogging Challenge Day 24)


You dream big. You visualise an amazing life. But something isn’t working. We’ve all been there… so, how do you lift your vibration to match the vibration of your dreams and desires?

Wayne Dyer coined the phrase ‘The Universe doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you are’

To explain, you can vision yourself as a happy, vibrant, successful woman who attracts healthy relationships and earns a high financial figure and enjoys life to its fullest potential.

BUT – inside your head a voice chatters away

‘I’ll never be happy because I’m not good enough to succeed, no one wants to pay me and even my boyfriend doesn’t listen to me.’

Guess what you will receive?

Yep, the inner belief and mind chatter.

If you expect the Universe to send you your bright vision when all it can hear is the dismal mind chatter then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. If you expect the Universe to send you your wonderful life without taking action towards it, in terms of shifting your inner world then this expectation will sabotage you and you are setting yourself up to fulfill your prophecy. Remember the one ‘I’ll never be happy because I’m not good enough to succeed, no one wants to pay me and even my boyfriend doesn’t listen to me.’

The way to change and shift your vibration, the one you emit to the Universe, the one that attracts your life and your experiences to you is:-

• Be happy where you are now! Inside yourself. You can, just choose. BE HAPPY.

• Do the best you can with what you have. So, if you are in a job that isn’t your ideal, do it to the best of your ability, with a light heart knowing that it is a stepping stone to something better and it will be.

• Look at what is playing out inside you. What is stopping you lifting your vibration to match your dreams. What are you habitually saying to yourself with your thoughts and your actions and your behaviour. Be really honest here.

• Find a way that works for you to work through your ‘stuff’ both in energy and in life. There is no point uncovering a deeply embedded belief pattern, recognizing it within you if you don’t change the behavior that goes with it. For example, if you come to an understanding that you don’t feel worthy because when you were tiny you didn’t feel your father put you first. If you carry on in relationships pleasing others, not putting yourself and your needs first, then your new understanding found in energy will not ground and manifest into something real. When you feel your own worth, then others do too, when you stand in your own worth first, your huge worth and value comes back to you and you attract those that see that as you do.

• Be grateful for all the things you already have, every day. Gratitude is the vibration of love and love is the Universe. Immerse yourself in gratitude.

• Let go of any expectation of how your dreams and desires will come to you. Remember expectation will close down the flow of infinite possibility.

• Know in your bones, without doubt that the Universe is supporting you in every way and that it is working in the background to bring you the things you desire.

Dreaming of something will not make it real. BUT taking actions towards it with an open heart full of excitement and gratitude and determination will.

So… sit with yourself.

Dream your big picture.

See it, make it real in your heart.

Feel the vibration you will have when you live it.

Call it to you.

THEN, do something every day towards it. Whether it be working on your mind set, taking inspired actions, looking within to heal emotional wounds, strengthening your spiritual connection or allowing more laughter, love and gratitude into your life wherever you are now. You will find change, and quickly.

I know these things work, not only for me, but for my clients. I have shifted things within me and found amazing results, calling in my Soul Partner (this happened 6 weeks after I began working on it in this way), manifesting the home of my dreams (this one took a bit longer – 3 months from beginning to look to moving in having bought the house) and just recently manifesting $12,000 the day after I set the intention to receive that amount. I helped turn a business around from being on the verge of dissolution to 2 months later have 6 deals and a healthy cash flow and balance sheet through the next 9 months.

These are just a few examples, there have been countless more vibrational shifts followed through with inspired actions that have led to a wonderful outcomes. And, all this is possible for you and much more if you do the work on yourself and in your life

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