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Activate Your Highest Potential

How to Activate Your Highest Potential

  When we talk about our “highest potential and flow,” we speak like it’s the Holy Grail. We think, “If only we can attain it, we’ll be able to…x-y-z.” The thing is, living in flow and being in our highest potential means taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts, your behaviors, and your actions. That means […]

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How to Get Over the Biggest Inner Gremlin You Have – Guilt!

Want to overcome the one of the biggest inner gremlins that can play havoc with your energy? Lets talk about Guilt. Feeling guilty is a feminine malaise. You feel guilty that you’re staying at home to nurture and launch your children. You feel guilty that you’re following your dream of building a business. You feel guilty that you’re not happy […]

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Why 7 figure entrepreneurs need shamanic support

So you’re a visionary, you visioned to life your amazing business, you have so many ideas that they can overwhelm you and it can be difficult to decide which one to focus on, especially when you like everything to be perfect. You’re the highest achiever you know, and its easy, which makes you feel like a […]

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6 Steps to Expand Your Energy and Expand Your Impact

Expanding your energy means you grow as a person.  Expanding your energy means allowing yourself to receive more and more experiences in your life that fill you with joy, excitement and happiness.  Expanding your energy means living a healthier life, inside and out. Personal growth, spiritual growth, taking steps to your next level in life and […]

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1 what does abundant living mean

What Does Abundant Living Mean?

For me abundant living is a way of being. It is an important mindset, belief, core value, whatever you label it, abundant living is my way of life. It means being able to see beyond the limitations of our culture, or the learned beliefs given to us by our parents and loved ones. It means seeing […]

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9 why a fire bucket is essential to your personal development (1)

Why a Fire Bucket is Essential to Your Personal Development

A fire bucket!? Essential to your personal development!? Are you Mad? Nope.. I’m Shaman. The fire bucket is what you will need to easily carry out a fire ceremony in your garden without setting fire to your house/shed/garage/pergola or outside furniture.Why would you bother with a fire ceremony? Well… A fire ceremony is a traditional shamanic […]

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5 Ways to Activate Your Abundance

That old elusive energy – abundance… Everybody wants it. Yet how do you activate the energy of abundance within you? Its the million dollar question, right. The ever changing idea of success. Whether you define abundance or, indeed, success as money, health, happiness, travel, business growth, personal growth it all comes down to having more […]

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