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Why Shadow work is the Powerhouse of Personal Growth

WHY SHADOW WORK IS THE POWERHOUSE FOR PERSONAL GROWTH Personal development, inner work, spiritual development are all valuable ways to grow, they overlap and end up meaning the same thing – they all look towards potential and growth, and include introspection and adventures into your subconscious mind.   After all we cannot change what we are not aware of.  This dive into the mine […]

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How to Live your Full Potential

HOW TO REACH YOUR FULL POTENTIAL EVERY DAY Do you listen to your inner voice? Not the harsh mean voice that tells you off, and likes to keep you small and stuck and safe, but the calm, confident voice that says ‘yes that’s the way’. Can you even hear it in the midst of everything you […]

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What is Success Consciousness

WHAT IS SUCCESS CONSCIOUSNESS? Do you ever find yourself measuring your success based on the money in your bank, your business, the car you drive, the house you live in? Or how well your new product launch went? What if i told you that if you changed the way you perceive success you would actually open up […]

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your peruvian continued

Peruvian Story Continued

(Peruvian story continued Part 1 here – Part 2 here – Part 3 here – Part 4 here)Aguas Calientes was a bustling town and Viv, my spiritual teacher and Shaman, was well known here. This made my experience even more special, as it meant my Machu Picchu adventures would occur before any other tourists were […]

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My Peruvian Story – Part 2

(continued – part 1 here) He said he couldn’t find me. I knew that. I couldn’t even find myself. That’s why I was breathing in the thick, humid air of the Peruvian jungle encompassing me. Over the first several days of my stay with Mateo and his tribe, I was subjected to physical and spiritual kneading to […]

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my peruvian story part 1


The clouds hung low, mimicking the ones that circled my head. It was a dreary day, as most days are, in Lima, Peru when I arrived. I was tired. Sleepy tired, yes, but mostly drained of life tired. The slums of Lima mirrored how I felt inside—run down, tattered, in disarray. I wasn’t in Peru for […]

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Modern Day Shaman – What On Earth is that?

MODERN DAY SHAMAN – WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT? You’ve all heard the word Shaman, right? You may understand its concept and you may have an idea of what it means. You may not like it, and it may make you feel uncomfortable or you may think it doesn’t relate to you nor can it help you […]

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39 are you a shaman?

10 Signs You Are A Shaman

Shamans are rising, are you one of them?Many of us who grew up in the western World are in fact Shamans but don’t know or understand it. Traditionally, if you were not born in an indigenous culture and initiated by the age of 30 you are not a Shaman. This for me limits the World’s […]

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