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Are You ‘Good Enough’ In Your Role As Healer, Coach or Mentor. (Blogging Challenge Day 28)

​ Are you ‘good enough’? “The precursor to the mirror is the Mother’s face”    -Donald Woods Winnicott The ‘good enough’ concept is something I work with often. It is the prerequisite to confidence, self worth, and self esteem. Being ‘good enough’ is something very rarely felt. No more so than within the role of healer, coach […]

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Ethos of a Healer (Blogging Challenge Day 19)

ETHOS OF A HEALERWhen I say healer, I am using the word to group together anybody that works with others to help them feel more whole, more comfortable, more alive. In my sector, that covers energy workers, empaths, intuitives, lightworkers, mediums, psychics and sensitives. All of those working consciously with energy. What are your codes of […]

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How Many Coaches Does it Take to Find a Lightbulb Moment? (Blogging Challenge Day 14)

How many Coaches does it take to find a light bulb moment? …NONE… yep, NONE. Because the light bulb moments come from within you! Lately I’ve been noticing a change in what is being offered. No longer do I hear about Coaching as a facilitating environment, offering strategies, alternative ways, frameworks. I am hearing about how […]

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talks like an egyptian

Talks Like an Egyptian (Blogging Challenge Day 12)

I’ve always had an affinity with ancient Egypt. From a young age, I would stand with my hands above my head, finger tips touching and move my head from side to side. I would have visions of Seckmet, the Egyptian goddess depicted as a lioness, the warrior goddess and powerful healer, but not understand at […]

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Are You Ready To Push Past Your Fears?

Are you afraid of stepping up and speaking out as the Healer you are? Are you afraid of birthing the Healer within? Today I had a discussion with one of my students. The subject that came up was the fear of persecution that healer’s and energy workers feel in society today. The fear of speaking up […]

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I have questions for you. Are you taking responsibility for your life, for your choices for you? Or do you look to others to tell you what to do? Do you consult your guides, oracle cards, mediums or psychics often? Do you need validation from spirit that the choices you’ve made are the right ones? Have you […]

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