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Why My Ayahuasca Ceremony Didn’t Work First Time

This video explains why Ayahuasca sent me to sleep the first time I drank it. How being present in my body made a difference and allowed me to open up to my spiritual truth going forward. Plant medicine is powerful and is used for spiritual awakening and health.why my ayahuasca ceremony didn’t work first timediscover […]

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What is Your Higher Self and How to Connect with It

This video explains what the term ‘Higher Self’ means. It explains how understanding and using this wonderful aspect of your Self makes all the difference for entrepreneurs and business owners moving towards their next level of business growth and what Is your higher self and how to connect with it in my video below…discover […]

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Why You Should Tune into the Power of Your Inner Child

This video explains how your inner child (that inner aspect of you that holds all of your childhood experiences in your subconscious), plays out in your beliefs and behaviours and how you can shift them into positive ways of being. If you are an entrepreneur, business owner or corporate executive still playing out unconscious childhood […]

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modern day shaman will differentiate you

Not Satisfied with Your Business Growth? Watch This!

Are you the entrepreneur or business owner who is continually looking for things to fix? If you constantly look for things that are broken in your business I offer you an alternative view. Look within to see what is broken in you! What behaviour patterns play out, what do you continually think to yourself. This […]

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Why a Shaman will Shift Your Business Results Quickly

As Entrepreneurs and Business owners you know that innovating your business will yield results, however exploring the asset that is your mind is often over-looked. A Shaman will take you beyond what you already know about yourself and what you want in your life and open your consciousness up to a much bigger picture, one […]

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How to Get the Biggest ROI as an Entrepreneur

How can you get the biggest ROI for the least investment? As an Entrepreneur and business owner you know that investments are key to the growth of your business. You also understand that your energy drives that grow. This video talks about how investing in your own spiritual and personal growth will bring you the […]

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5 Must Have Self Care Tips for Entrepreneurs & CEOs

In this video I take you through my 5 must have self care tips for Entrepreneurs and CEOS. Its is NOT what you think! Often high powered business environments leave no space for anything other than business growth, but that isn’t sustainable unless the people initiating the growth are properly supported in their own evolution […]

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What is your Shadow and Why Its Your Best Ally

This video talks about your Shadow and how it holds a wealth of information for you as an Entrepreneur to tap into. It is your best ally and a powerful tool in personal development and entrepreneurship. discover why your shadow is your best ally in my video below…discover how to create your own money miracles in […]

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