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Sarah Negus - The Modern Day Shaman

What is a Modern Day Shaman?

In this video I share why I call myself the Modern Day Shaman.  I explain the blending of the ancient art of shamanism with modern psychology and mindset work, that helps entrepreneurs overcome their self sabotage and build successful businesses that thrive.Find out how i can support you as a modern day shaman in my […]

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Sarah Negus

What is a Shamanic Journey?

In this video I explain the power of the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying and why it will open you up to your potential.Watch my video to discover the power of the shamanic journeyUnleash Your Highest Potential with my Success Consciousness Meditation!click the button below to download and start experiencing your own success in your […]

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The Secret to Finding Deeper Meaning in Life

You may be a successful entrepreneur or CEO who has achieved many things, yet you still feel flat, disconnected and are yearning to discover the secret to finding deeper meaning in your life.   You are searching for much more than just ‘this’ in your life. You look like you have it all in business yet something […]

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2 the modern day shaman mastermind lite part 2 (1)

6 Steps To Success Consciousness

6 Steps To Success ConsciousnessWhat do you think success is?  Achieving a goal perhaps, or landing that promotion, selling out your launch, or experiencing a loving relationship?And, I’d agree, all these things are moments of success.I used to live a life where I thought external situations and achievements marked my level of success and therefore […]

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34 are you a shaman?

10 Signs You Are A Shaman

Shamans are rising, are you one of them?Many of us who grew up in the western World are in fact Shamans but don’t know or understand it. Traditionally, if you were not born in an indigenous culture and initiated by the age of 30 you are not a Shaman. This for me limits the World’s […]

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The Biggest Mistake in Growing your Business

Business growth is paramount to business success. This is not rocket science is it? For you to succeed in your chosen business, you have to grow it. For entrepreneurs stepping into the business arena, it is a sharp learning curve. You have to be great at marketing, sales, content copywriting, advertising, programme and course delivery, accounts, […]

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