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Ascension Shock – Are You Struggling? (Blogging Challenge Day 20)

Are You Struggling With Ascension Shock?Ascension ShockWhat happens when we lift our vibration, shift through an emotional block, receive a download of information or experience a global energy ascension? Of course everybody is different, and will have individual ways of dealing with these energetic shifts. During my work and my own spiritual journey I have […]

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7 why moden day shaman?

Why Modern Day Shaman? (Blogging Challenge Day 4)

Wow, sometimes when I’m feeling great, happy and with a strong sense of purpose and movement forward into life I get a reality check! This happened today. I published my first article on LifeGrid Magazine, an online magazine for life professionals to share their life and work and I was super excited about it. So […]

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Shadow Talk

Shadow TalkWhy bring up your dark side? Why bother talking to your Shadow? Well, Jupiter is retrograde until May 2016 which means all of our junk, unresolved issues, negative thought patterns and old behaviours will be being shaken up.Click here to jump down page and watch my video now The planetary influence having an affect […]

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This Is Not The Truth

This Is Not The Truth‘This is not the Truth’, I first came across this sentence at the Psychosynthesis Education Trust and it really resonated with me. Those at the Trust were teaching the work of Roberto Assagiolli, a visionary psychotherapist and philosopher, in my opinion, but that is only my opinion and my particular Truth. […]

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