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Top 3 Limiting Beliefs and How to Shift Them

I’ve just spent this past weekend at an extraordinary event, it was called Extraordinary Live. It was, well, Extraordinary….. and, what’s more, I got to chat and mingle with a packed room of entrepreneurs.  AND, event MORE, I got to find out what was going down within them.  It was so interesting, I learned that our self […]

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1 How do I increase my emotional vibration

How do I increase my emotional vibration?

Increasing your emotional vibration is something we all could do with, yes even me. Increasing your emotional vibration is another way of describing inner work. You know the stuff we do when we want to be better than we are. The stuff we do when we want to develop our emotional intelligence. Our emotional intelligence […]

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5 what are the signs of low vibration-

What are the Signs of Low Vibration?

The signs of low vibration in a person are many. They are all connected to a wide spectrum of feelings, all negativity based. That is a very sweeping statement, isn’t it. I did try to soften my approach here, but there isn’t an easy way to say it. Low vibrational living is a direct expression of […]

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What Does High Vibration Mean?

You’ve heard the terms ‘high-vibe’, but what does high vibration actually mean? Lets start with everything is energy. Everything emits an energetic frequency depending on how it is made up. So we, as human beings, have a particular energetic framework. Something that emits ‘human’ rather than ‘mouse’ or ‘tree’ or ‘airplane’ or ‘table. On top of […]

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