Channelled Message, the American Election

In response to Amanda Heisman’s request on the live stream, I’ve sat down and asked for spiritual information around the American Election.

I am not American, I don’t know the nuances of the political system of the USA, with that in mind, this is what came through.

“The World is going through a huge change, humanity will rise up and unite. No longer will the energy of the collective support ego or shadow. The shadow is coming through to shift you, to shake you, to bring you to a place where there is no choice but to bring change.

The silent voice will now be heard. It is time to be courageous and bring vibration to what is within. Do not remain silent, speak up and speak out. All of you, do not wait, the time is now. With everything in shadow if it is ignored it will persist. The time is now, speak up and speak out.

Look at what is being shown to you, you can choose if you ignore or if you take action.

There is an opportunity now for a gathering together. Governments are here to serve, you have a voice, use it to speak, use it to vote, decide who and what you feel you want representing you in government.

Love and compassion is the only way forward in everything, with everyone. Equality of gender, equality of race, we are all one. Segretation, denegration, greed, suppression lead to fear and fear will stop you step away into courage, share and let that courage of the collective build.”

Feel free to share.

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