Chapter 2 – the Power of Animals


Once upon a time, a cynic turned into a fan and I became his ‘talking subject’ at dinner parties!  How cool is that!

And, since I published my book, Modern Day Shaman: Find a Deeper Connection to Life, I receive love notes that warm my heart via email almost daily……which is even cooler!  
Here’s one of them!

“I bought the book during your launch event.  Love it!  As someone quite new to this way of knowing and being these Journeys took me to a new and exciting place.  Thank you for releasing this creative project into the world and making it so very accessible!”

If you haven’t yet, you can buy your copy of the book HERE.

To give you a taste, here I am reading an extract from Chapter 3, the story of Ben the cynic and his surprise breakthrough after just one session..

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