Circus Circus

I spent last Friday evening at the circus…La Soiree. A burlesque cabaret set within an art deco mirrored tent… wooden floor, red curtains, low lighting, consuming champagne and popcorn. To say I had a great time, is an understatement. My evening was filled from start to finish with joy! The kind of joy that lifts you almost out of your seat and stays with you long after the event has finished.

It got me thinking, what was so special about the show, why did the performances made me feel so good, why did I leave feeling like I could conquer the world?

Well, in the line up was ‘Le Gateau Chocolat’ – a drag queen extraordinaire, who arrived wearing a lime green gown, singing Nessun Dorma in a rich baritone. Then came ‘The English Gents’ who performed a duet of acrobatic, strength and balance. Then ‘Saulo and Anna’, who danced around a hanging pole suspended from the ceiling of the tent and then ‘Ursula Martinez’ a Spanish performer hailing from Croydon who shared some magic tricks, and sang a wonderfully clever song in rudimentary Spanish that we could all understand.

Each one of these performances was outside the remit of ‘normal’, each one was something quite special. The performers had connected with their Zsa Zsa Zsu™ found their passion, their quirkiness, their unique individualism and given it purpose. Their purpose was to entertain. To bring joy to their audience and in doing that lift everyone out of the mundane. Show them that being different is a wonderful thing, that unique individualism is something that when lived from the heart, honestly and with love brings the world JOY.

I left La Soiree, wanting more. I had felt connected during that evening, I had allowed my childhood wonder free reign, and I had let myself laugh, out loud, a lot. I hadn’t cared what anyone around me thought, I was living in the moment, my Zsa Zsa Zsu™ was working with me, my passion for life bubbling up from within.

Thinking on it further, if we could live our lives more like that, more in tune with our Zsa Zsa Zsu™ , finding more purpose in our passion rather than fitting in to the norm, running the rat race, we would live happier, healthier lives.

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