Clever Or Lucky?

I grew up in South London, Croydon to be exact, and one of the sayings that has stuck in my memory is whether someone that had achieved success was ‘clever or lucky?’

Lately I’ve been thinking this one over. What does it mean? The person, was clever, implying that they hadn’t had to try to achieve success. Or he was lucky, again implying that success just landed in their laps.


In my experience, success is always a combination of both

If you are clever, then you have used your life’s experience and worked hard to achieve something out of the ordinary. If you are lucky then you have been able to harness your intuitive sense and followed the path of synchronicity.

If you are both clever and lucky, then life’s experience and your intuition have worked their magic and you’ve found yourself exactly where you should be at the right time to achieve purpose in your passion and ignited your ‘Zsa Zsa Zsu’®.

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