Do you use Trance? What is trance? Is it scary?

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Do you use Trance? What is trance? Is it scary? Yes, I take my clients into trance during shamanic journeying. This means they alter their state of consciousness. Which means moving through the different brain waves that we as humans emit. The first stage is ‘Alpha’ state which is the bridge between your consciousness mind and all that you know and the state where you can imagine anything. Then, deeper still is the brain wave called ‘Theta’ state and is the same state that is experienced while sleeping in the rapid eye movement time of sleep, when dreams occur. No it is not scary in any way. If you can remember as a child is playing so ardently that you forgot anything else is around you and are focused completely on your game or painting or practice.

I explain how I take my clients into trance during shamanic journeying in this video…

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