Embracing your ‘bonkers’

She’s Mad but She’s Magic

The journey along my path has been the University degree that gave me the basis of my business.

My business is ME, or an extension of my passion for leading a spiritual life that brings authenticity, love, compassion, drive, determination and creativity.

But, honestly I did drag my feet with it..

it took so much longer to get here than it needed to.



…because I was afraid of being me.

I was afraid everyone would think I was ‘bonkers’.

Maybe I am, but nowadays what other people think about me is their stuff not mine.

So once I got comfortable with my ‘bonkers’, once I began to love my ‘bonkers’, then I was motivated (like a steam train) to share my message. Things happened fast once I did.

Once I took responsibility for who I was, inside.. the outside manifested.

  • Remember there is ONLY YOU!
  • Everything begins with YOU!
  • Everything ends with YOU!
  • YOU and no one else decides how and what you are.
There is real freedom of expression in that and freedom to express yourself is what this life is all about.

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