Are You ‘Good Enough’ In Your Role As Healer, Coach or Mentor. (Blogging Challenge Day 28)


There are lots of ways to ‘protect’ your energy, to avoid attachments and to remove them. I’m going to give you an outline of my own experience of how it all works. Please take what resonates with you.

The first thing I’d say here, is that we are all energy and we are all connected. We may have different frequencies to our energy but basically we are all one. Energetic attachments are inevitable in normal life. You know what it feels like to be immersed in a book, you are attached to the energy of it. You may know what if feels like to experience unrequited love, this is an attachment to a person. You also may know what it feels like to be on the receiving end of anger, this too is an energetic attachment. Co-dependancies create energy drains, as two people are invested in feeling good because of one another. Attaching to events in the past can cause energetic drain and attachment to that situation that has gone and cannot be changed.


The second thing I’d say is that nothing, NOTHING, can attach to us or come into our energy unless we allow it on some level. As our unconscious governs 90% of our behavior, it is likely that sometimes unconsciously another energy can attach and imprint within us. So working on making your unconscious behavior patterns conscious is very important in terms of becoming strong in your own energy and power. When you are aware of yourself and your behavior, you can choose how to behave in any given moment.

The third thing to take into account is, how are your boundaries? Are you centered, are you firm in your own sense of self? If your boundaries are weak, or too rigid. then other energy can enter.

How to avoid this!


Now, I don’t like the concept of ‘protection’. For me it pre supposes that there is something out there, something outside of me and my energy that I should be afraid of. Notice the language here ‘I should be afraid of’. This is our cultural belief system, borne of fear of the unknown. I say that if you are coming from a place of unconditional love, with a strong feeling of your own place in the World, a strong center, firm boundaries and know yourself really well, then nothing out there in energy is to be feared. It is just energy.  Different energy to yours, but energy all the same. It can be transmuted, it can be sent away in love, it can be stopped in its tracks with the power of your own intention.


Unwanted energetic attachments can come to us in varying ways. Sometimes in our dream time, sometimes when we are afraid the very thing we are afraid of happening will happen (that is because you are projecting your fear and that is what the Universe hears). Sometimes frustration, obsession and lust will form energetic attachments and sometimes a good old fashioned energetic entity will settle in and use your energy to lift its vibration.


How do we recognize what is happening. If you find yourself thinking of someone else all the time, if you find yourself being triggered by another, if you feel inexplicably tired and ‘edgy’, or if you are behaving erratically then it is likely that you have got inter -wined with another’s energy.

I have a very simple, powerful, and effective exercise that will remove that energy and replace the space left with Universal love.

  1. From a very grounded place, picture the person, situation or thing that is causing you discomfort.

  2. Bring the picture to life, make it move, give it colour.

  3. Place it right outside your own energetic field.

  4. Open your heart in love for yourself.

  5. Observe the picture outside your energy from a place of neutrality.

  6. Make sure all of its energy has been removed from yours.

  7. Reach up through your Crown Chakra and draw down Universal Love for your greatest good to fill up the space left by removing that energetic attachment.

You may need to do this several times over a period of a week or so, every time you feel your thoughts or emotions connecting again with the other person, situation or thing.


Give it a try. Comment below for help or with your feedback when you’ve tried the exercise.

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