Ethos of a Healer (Blogging Challenge Day 19)



When I say healer, I am using the word to group together anybody that works with others to help them feel more whole, more comfortable, more alive.

In my sector, that covers energy workers, empaths, intuitives, lightworkers, mediums, psychics and sensitives. All of those working consciously with energy.

What are your codes of practice?

I wonder if you’ve thought outside of, to help, to heal, to lift, to bring hope. I say, and this may be controversial, this is not enough. To want to help and to want to heal, to feel called to serve, are just the beginning of cleaning up your own act.

Here is what I say. This may trigger you, this may make you want to stop reading my posts… that’s ok.

I say, wanting to help, wanting to heal, is your own need to be validated. It is your own need to heal your own soul.

This too is ok.

UNLESS it is unconscious. If you do not recognize this within yourself, then you are not being the best channel of energy that you can be.

The Ethos of a Healer is to GROW, to KNOW THEMSELVES within and without.

To be a CLEAR channel, to STAY GROUNDED in the physical realm in order FACILITATE ENERGY.

It is to KNOW we are just a FACILITATOR, to LET GO of EXPECTATION and any NEED for an outcome of our work.

To TRUST that the DIVINE knows more than we do for ourselves and our clients.

All healers, MUST, continue to work on themselves.

I don’t mean in terms of learning different modalities with which to express their healing gifts. I mean really working on themselves. Delving deep within to get to know themselves inside out, and to keep digging, to keep bringing light into the shadow. To keep moving towards their potential as a human, as a soul and most importantly as a channel for spiritual energy.

Why do I say this, know this, feel this? Because I’ve been there, I’ve done it, I’ve seen the movie and I’ve gotten the T-shirt.

When I began to heal others, it was to heal myself. I was acting selfishly in the guise of being selfless. My energy was often drained, and I burned out quickly. This was because my channel wasn’t clear, I was in my own energy (unconsciously) because everyone was a mirror of my own shortcomings. All the people I felt I was helping, were actually coming my way to show me what was going on inside myself….. at times, this was absolutely exhausting.

Then, as I began to look within me, I learned to connect to Mother Earth and I actively sought out mentors, therapists and body workers who helped me recognize myself in all of my clients.

I worked into my unconscious, into my spiritual connection, and most importantly, feelings of wholeness and self love. I continue to seek what I call ‘supervision’, in terms of my own growth and energetic expansion and will always do so. If you don’t you are doing yourself and your clients a disservice.

I KNOW you want to be the best you can be for yourself and so that you can reach those that are looking for you to facilitate healing within them.

Investing in your own self growth, in looking at your inner world may seem like a luxury. IT IS NOT. It is a necessity and one that will keep you clear, stop burn out, raise your frequency and most importantly keep your vibration moving towards the higher levels.


I know you think you can, you have all the tools, right?

Well, know this. You cannot. You won’t be objective, you won’t hold yourself accountable, and your unconscious patterns (they are unconscious so you don’t recognize them) will stay unconscious. We all need a mirror, a soundboard, someone to hold our hands.

This type of mentoring is KEY to your expansion and growth.

This is my ethos and what I do with and for you.

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