How to expand your intuition and spiritual gifts (Blogging Challenge Day 25)


While you do the work to open up to your intuition and spiritual gifts, it is inevitable that you will be shown the things holding this process back.

You will be triggered by situations and events and people. You may feel judged and judge others. You may expect certain outcomes from your work. All of these things are growth opportunities if used properly.

Judgement and expectation are common problems and things that are easy to get tied up in. Understand every time that you judge another – you are simply judging yourself. The Universe has sent you a mirror to encourage you to look within and find whatever is buried in your unconscious that is ready to be uncovered and healed.

Begin to notice your inner voice and how you talk to yourself about others. Is it kind? Are you judging them? Are you putting them below or above your own self? This will hold you back from spiritual expansion and drown out your intuition.

If you have an expectation or a need for an outcome of your work, this expectation and/or need will close down the possibility of something more, something bigger or more exciting, happening. Your expectation will put a box around the energy and hold it.

Your need to heal, or to please, or to raise the vibration, or to make someone feel a certain way, is a need for validation. Chunked down, this is a lack of self esteem, and low self worth. Flipped over, it is also judgement, as you decide what your client needs and then expect an outcome towards that decision. Actually we don’t ever fully understand or know another’s path or energy nor even our own.

BUT…. The Universe does, so step away from judgement and expectation, shift your perception to one where you are the facilitator of energy, you are the magic wand of the Universe, and you trust that what you bring forth is for the greatest good of your client and you.

This is where magic/alchemy for you really begins. In the not knowing how or why, in the trusting and absolute sure knowledge that in the right time, place, way EVERYTHING will be as it should be and that the Universe is working in the background completely supporting the process.

How to expand your spiritual gifts and reach into your intuition!

Practice! Know that everything is energy. Know that everything you can ever imagine is already in existence.

Here’s an analogy that may help you;

You know that most people can run, right? You also know that some people can run faster than others, and some can run really really fast. You understand that however fast you can run, you can always improve upon it by exercising the muscles that you use when you do run.

Expanding your gifts and reaching into your intuition is rather like this. You must exercise the muscles that you use.

So.. be honest with yourself, what do you want to expand on? What do you want to be better at?


Look at how you try to do that now? Is it working for you? If it is, that is amazing! If it could be better though, then these 2 simple steps will help you.

1. Set the intention of what you want to do. Understand what that is and be completely clear. If you have an inner dialogue replaying an old way of thinking (eg. You can’t, you’re not able to, you’re not good enough) then look at that and work out where it came from, if it’s yours, and then work around it. Work into all the reasons why you can, why you are able and why you are absolutely more than good enough.

2. Then… DO something every single day that will work the muscles needed to achieve that expansion.

For example

a. Meditation

b. Mindful breathing

c. Journaling

d. Free writing

e. Working on your inner world and mind chatter

f. Owning your blocks

g. Self belief

h. Practice (I mean offer free sessions to build your confidence)

From my point of view I know I am a Master of Energy, and because of this knowing, it is so. I work on all of my inner noise daily. I seek help in working through emotional trauma, blocks, behavior patterns, and old ways of being, as I know having someone to reflect back to me makes it much easier to see me and my ‘stuff’. I pay attention to my mind chatter and clear it. I collect my own energy to me and ground it. I love nature and connect with it. Most of all I open my heart to all that I am, all that I can be, and all that I can do for others. My own energetic expansion is a given and if you believe the same it is for you.


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