How to Expand Your Intuitive Gifts

I am all about being the best version of myself that I can be. And, this is what I offer my clients when they work with me, a journey within to become the best they can be in any given moment. This takes self-mastery and, I believe, the ability to be authentic, feel self-love and connection to Self and to something far more.

For me continually learning is the key to a happy life. It is not the only component but it is up there in my top 10 important habits. This learning means being continually curious. Curious about what drives me, about the nature of our World and the make-up of the Universe and my part in it. It is constant in me, this curiosity and so is the knowing I have that I am a spiritual being deeply connected to the greater consciousness of the Universe, separate and individual yet part of the whole.

So when a client asked me “why do I need to be in touch with my intuition and connected to live a happy successful life?”, it make me think. Why?

My ponderings led me to all sorts of thoughts, the idea that a whole lot of people wander through life without having any sort of feeling of connection, oblivious to anything deeper than what they see immediately around them. And this is their happiness, their contentment, it is their way of being. BUT, I find that sensitives, intuitives and those who are curious and who do want more than they can see here and now are searching. Searching for something that is intangible in our material World, something that whispers tantalisingly to them from within. That something is a connection to their own knowing, their own intuition and their own spiritual Self.

Once in tune intuitively and connected to their inner voice of knowing life really does open up. But why bother? Why not carry on in life with your inner voice speaking negative untruths to you? Why not continue to make decisions that do not make you happy? Why not ignore your gut feeling, your hunches and use your logical mind for everything?

Expand Intuitive Gifts

Here’s why:-

1. You will feel completely supported in your life. Listening to your intuition, learning to trust your own inner guidance system and your inner voice of wisdom means you are supported wherever you go, whomever you are with. Feeling supported brings inner strength and a feeling of being very centred and present in your body. This support is found within you. You know all that you will ever need to about your own life and what is best for you. When you allow your intuitive gifts to expand there is no need to ask outside of yourself for insight, or advice, you will know the way. You will feel completely supported in your life.

2. Your level of self trust in your decisions will grow. If you listen to your intuition and expand its voice within you, your level of self trust in any situation will deepen and deepen. This is all down to practice. Your intuitive gifts are like a muscle. When you use a muscle it gets better at its job, and this is the same, when you use your intuitive gifts they become more effective, you hear your inner voice more often and at the right times and then if you act upon the guidance, you will be taking inspired action towards your goals confidently, surely knowing you are on the right path. Your level of self trust in your decisions will grow.

3. Challenges turn into opportunities. We all come across bumps in our life, how we deal with them makes or breaks us. Being intuitively connected means that we can navigate these challenges with the support of our inner guidance system and by trusting our inner voice we can turn these challenges into amazing opportunities for self growth. Imagine, that the last challenge you had was exactly what you needed to experience to take you another step closer to that big dream you have. Challenges turn into opportunities.


In addition, taking your intuitive gifts to another level of expansion will bring more peace to your life, more joy and a feeling of excitement that buzzes the whole way around your being. Being intuitively connected simply makes you feel more alive, and when you are excited, full of joy and buzzing with certainty that your life desires and your business goals are ready to be claimed guess what happens… yep… you achieve them.

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