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The Modern Day Shaman®

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs about the Modern Day Shaman® - Sarah Negus. What is shamanism and what to expect from a session with Sarah

1. What is the difference between Modern Day Shaman® and the traditional way?

2. What does the word Shaman mean?

3. Do you do occult stuff and call on the dead etc?

4. Do you use Trance, what is trance, is it scary?

5. Will a power take over?

6. You talk a lot about energy and energy work, what is that and what can it do for me and my energy?

7. You say you are a master of energy and make the impossible real, how do I know that you will not mess with my life in a way that I don’t want you to?

8. Energetic journeying sounds like Star Trek, can you explain a bit about it. What can I expect?

9. How is energetic work different to therapy and other self-awareness programmes?

10. I am religious and I am afraid shamanic work may be in conflict with my religion. Can you tell me more so I know I won’t go to hell?

11. Can you explain some words on your site a bit more?

12. I’ve done meditations in the past, what is different about shamanic journeying or shamanic meditation?

13. What is channelling?

14. You say you channel meditations and journeys, but aren’t those just for you and why should they speak to me right now?

15. What alternative programmes do you have coming up soon?

16. What alternative ways of working with you exist?

18. What is ‘business retainer’?

19. How do I know if this work is for me?

20. How can I learn more about shamanism

If you have any other questions please use my contact form here and I will respond as quickly as possible. Thank you.

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