Feeling Stuck?

Feeling Stuck ?

Want to change it?

Easy – change your perspective!

This came to me during a session with a client.

The theme she came with was a feeling of being stuck, nothing that she could put her finger on…
Just stuck she said


S T U C K!

So, as I usually do, I opened the energy of that up to my guides and her guides…

They took us into an ancient woodland, full of elementals, trees as old as the Earth with moss and lychen growing on them we walked around the floor of woodland, exploring the ferns, connecting with the animals and look up at the sky through the canopy of the trees.

We found a tree house, climbed up and sat with a tree spirit who showed us another way…

…a magical footpath appeared between the trees, in the canopy of leaves and this time we walked through the woodland and looked down at the maze of footpaths, and tapestry of roots and plants and flower, this time we connected with the birds.

My client had an epiphany….

She saw that everything is the same the only difference is our perception. She understand that she was free to choose how she looked at herself and her life…

She had a major shift towards self mastery.

Want to experience huge shifts in your life, self mastery is the way forward.

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