Introducing My New Book: "For the Bright Ones" - Sarah Negus Spiritual Mentor

Introducing My New Book: “For the Bright Ones”

For the Bright Ones

For the Bright Ones

May They Come Out of the Shadows

This collection of beautiful poems was inspired by the notes and melodies of guitar music. In this, her first book of poems, Sarah Ann Negus, the Modern Day Shaman® shines a light into the depths of her soul and shares her truth, to spark the discovery of previously unknown places inside of you that may wish to express themselves. Her uplifting poems of love and light, hope, energy and beauty are intended to help you open your heart and find a deeper meaning in your lives; connecting to the reality of infinite possibilities.




Innovate, They Said

When Life Is Ugly and Tears You Apart

How Do Dreams Come True?

Awake But Still Asleep


The Sea Roaring

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Irana - 14th February 2022 Reply

Oh Sarah they are so touching and graceful! You are! Thank you!

Estelle Gillingham - 14th February 2022 Reply

Hi Sarah,
congratulations on your new book. I am a poet too and I was really touched by your poem “When Life Is Ugly and Tears You Apart”. I’m so excited that you are reaching out to people through poetry. It is a very great love of mine and seeing you taking this new direction has given me great heart to continue with my own collection of poems.
Best wishes,

Christine Anne Platel - 14th February 2022 Reply

Beautiful heartfelt prose, that has brought tears to my eyes; as I resonated with every word Sarah.
Thank you for sharing your heart and your soul.

P.S. I hope to meet you in person one day; when I return to visit my family who live near you. : )

Helen - 18th March 2022 Reply

Thank you Sarah for sharing your inspirational poems with us. The one that touched me most is When Life Is Ugly and Tears You Apart. It brought light and comfort to my broken soul and reminded me that love is the most powerful healer. I wish you continued success in your journey.

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