Let go of living in the energy of lack and bring ABUNDANCE into your life


Sarah Negus

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Sarah is highly skilled and experienced as a Modern Day Shaman, and was able to easily lead me into meditative state. Her work is phenomenal, her spirit is compassionate, and her guidance has been a precious gift in my life. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your gift with me and with the world.If you are considering working with Sarah, please just do it. Your future self will thank you

Amanda Heisman

Are you living in abundance or are you living in lack?

This is an important questions for your inner world. Only YOU know the answer.

Join me today and lets do something different together to open up your energy to the abundance of the Universe.

The Key to Abundance gives you easy tips on how to look into your inner world and work out your habitual patterns around abundance. To uncover your deep rooted beliefs and notice your inner chatter around how you feel about this emotive subject.

Alongside this I offer you a channelled meditation to work on your own feelings of self worth, to call abundance to you and to ground that energy in your body.

Connect to Source energy, the Universal flow. This carries the energy of abundance and is available to all of us. When you draw it to you, when you express in from your heart, all that you want in your life is attracted to you.

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This is The Key to Abundance.

Working with Sarah is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. It has been the true gift of homecoming, to ME! Her spiritual teachings are vast and permeated all areas of my life. I am in awe at her expert ability to facilitate energy, both hers and my own. I have learned more about myself, and my true soul path, than I ever thought possible!

I now understand that EVERYTHING is energy, and that “there is only me!” I am what I have been looking for all along. I understand the depth that my energetic processes affect all the areas of my life, and that in order for true change to occur, I must dive deeper into my own soul. In doing so, I found that everything I ever needed was already there; I just needed to be shown the way in!

Megan Moore