How a Girl from Croydon Got Here {Blogging Challenge Day 1}

I’m new to this. Blogging I’m told is ‘old hat’ and ‘passe’. So I’ve decided to give it a go. I’m all inspired having spent the weekend in the company of Julia Cameron, listening to her talk about how to unblock the ‘creative’ within.

I’m Sarah, a Modern Day Shaman, nearly 50 but not feeling it. Mother of one Son… he’s gone off to Australia, to discover the free World. Free he tells me mainly because I’m not there and he will get to free himself. Adopted mother of 3 dogs, Bear (golden retriever) and Coco (west highland white) and Ruby (hungarian Visler) and 1 cat, Teddy (tabby). What can I say I collect things that love me!

I love writing, I’m not sure if I’m any good at!

Are you still there?


Are you sitting comfortably?


Great, I will begin…

Once upon a time there was a young girl, she had all sorts of dreams and ideas about who and what she wanted to be. A sprint runner, the best in the world. A dancer, so graceful that everyone who watched caught their breath in awe and experienced joy. A fast paced city trader, who could read the markets and make lots of money, only to be able to set up a charity to help people finding life too hard. A creative power that could translate colour and form into home and interiors bringing a sense of peace and tranquility to those who lived in them. A garden design maven, bringing vitality to outside spaces….This young girl could be anything, do anything, go anywhere.

Yet she chose to stay in Croydon. CROYDON of all places. For those of you reading this who don’t know where Croydon is. It is a suburb of London, South London to be exact and in the 1970s (remember I’m nearly 50) it was the fastest growing suburb in London, fuelled by many of the big organisations moving their head offices to the Borough. I was proud to live there. And for anyone growing up there in the time I did… it was fondly known as Croydon, the centre of the known Universe.. or my known Universe.

I chose to stay in Croydon, get married, have a son, build houses, have a few mishaps, learn pilates, become a pilates teacher, discover I could work energy, learn how to heal others, implode my life and then rebuild it.

This is my story… I’ve decided to tell it… read it with care, for it has pretty much been a secret until now.

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