Gratitude is the most important tool in an Entrepreneurial Toolkit


Gratitude, its easy, right! You say thank you. Job done, gratitude given.

Well, yes, that is one way of looking at it. Gratitude, though, for me is much much bigger than those two words of thank you. It is an energy that comes from the heart, and when felt, it heals. Even more than that, when consistently evoked it builds.

How does that work? I hear you wonder, have I mentioned I can do telepathy?

It works by filling your heart space with the energy of love. It reminds you of all the things you have, and I can tell you now, you have a lot. Oh, yes you do!

The Sun, is yours,

The Moon, that’s yours too.

The stars twinkle because they belong to you.

Our Earth, breathes because you are here.


The Universe that is yours too.

You see, YOU have a lot.

Ok. I’m taking things to a whole different level here, but simply put, think about those 5 things, the Sun, the Moon, the stars, our Earth and the Universe. I find it hard to not drop into my heart and vibrate gratitude from every cell in my body and every frequency in my energy.

Try it, for just a moment. OM… OM…OM… nope, I’m not being ridiculous.. go on try it. OM…. OM…. OM….

It changes things. Yes, I know I sound like the crazy lady, but I’m not.

There have been times in my life when I felt completely stuck in my own peculiar predicament. I felt like I was treading water, you know, the feeling, same stuff, different day. Nothing was moving forward for me, or that was what it felt like. I found myself, struggling to support my son, to find somewhere stable to live, to realise who I really was.

My mid to late 30s was a time of self discovery. I had left my long term marriage, it seemed like a safe haven but in fact it suffocated the life out of me, so much so that I felt my spirit would die if I stayed. My decision to leave shocked everyone I knew, especially me. And, I didn’t do it well, not sure you can ever ‘do’ that well, but looking back, hand on heart, I wasn’t being my best self, mainly because I had no idea what that was. I was running, searching, looking outside of myself for attention, love, compassion and finding nothing that nourished me. In fact everything I found seemed to take me further into my self made hole of despair. I made bad decision after bad decision, finding myself finally in a hospital bed with Strepp throat. This was the changing point, the catalyst. I’d pushed myself to the point of (almost) no return. My spirit was leaving my body. I remember consciously looking down at my physical body and thinking WOW, Sarah looks sick, I remember a bright white light, a stern voice saying not now, there is more to do, and a rushing and a giving into to gravity as I was pulled back into the physical form that is my home. I recovered.

Two days later, I began a gratitude journal. You see, I was so grateful for my life, even though I was at the bottom of the pit, I knew I would climb out. I was so grateful for my little boy, he was 9 at the time, and as he looked at me through confused eyes, the love I felt for him expanded in me and filled me up. I was so grateful for the wonderful people I had around me looking after me in my recovery and I was so grateful for everyone who had offered me insight into myself, to those people who challenged me (there were a lot of them) to grow into the person I am now.

In this recognition of the wonder of my life and the World something shifted in me. Life began to change. Gratitude gave me the gift of comparison, I was grateful that I could breath, laugh, walk, stretch, that I could feel. I was so grateful that I had a home, that I had food, that I had warmth and comfort. AND, I was so grateful that I was me. This vibration, this frequency of love began to grow in me, and I began to build my life a new. Slowly for sure, but differently than before. Gratitude brought me into flow, and it led me towards freedom, freedom to be myself and to help others find that too.

Nowadays, I love my life, it is filled with my passions and I look for new experiences everyday, always curious always learning, always feeling into gratitude.

And yes, I am grateful everyday for

The Sun, the Moon, the stars, the Earth, the Universe…. OM…. OM…. OM

Go on! Go and invest in your own gratitude journal, try it for a week, then get back to me and let me know what’s changed in you and your life.

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