How to Heal Your Money Story in 12 Easy Steps



Have you ever thought about money being an energy? It is.

It sits well and truly in the Universal Law of Compensation. This law means that whatever you give of your heart you get back ten fold.

“That doesn’t happen”! I hear you say. I know what you mean. You give, give and give, especially to your clients and yes, you have some degree of success that you measure by how much money you earn… but not ten fold!

So what’s happening, why is this Universal Law not working for you?

This is something that I spent quite some time working through in my own life. I’ve actually done this to death. But, I do believe that now I’ve cracked it. I know how to consistently manifest my desires. When I say desires, I mean my dream home (did that in 3 months), my Soul Mate (this took 6 weeks from setting the intention) and I’ve built a business that brings financial freedom (this took a year). Now I help my clients do the same. All by harnessing the power of energy, intention and the Laws of the Universe.

The Universal Laws – all 12 of them, work on vibration. That is why the Law of Attraction is so popular and often works…. like attracts its like. So whatever your own energy is vibrating at will also be attracted towards you. This is why sometimes the Law of Attraction falls flat. You won’t be vibrating at the frequency of the thing that you are trying to attract into your life.

You see, your thoughts are energy and as such create your World, your reality, if you are taking action towards your goals. Today we’re talking about money ,so let’s bring the elephant into the room.

If you are taking action towards $10,000 months in your biz (this is a figure I see banded about social media as a benchmark of success) there are several things that you need to make sure are all working together.

1: Get to know your money story.

All the things your mother and father said about money. How your culture perceives money and how you think about it and your own worth. Write it all out and observe yourself within it.

Do you say things like:

Its not all about the money

Money comes and goes

I can’t afford….

I buy things on sale

I’d love to go on holiday but I need to work to earn a living

The thing is, this is lack mentality and these sorts of thoughts stop you connecting with your own abundance. How about we change the way you talk to yourself here?

It is ALL about the money. Money allows me to experience life more fully and as an expression of the Universe that is what I am here to do.

Money comes easily to me as i do what I love.

I offer transformations and this is priceless.

I value myself and my work and so do my clients

I am grateful for all I can do. I am abundant in this life with creative power, joy and experience.

Can you feel the difference in the energy of the two ways of thinking?

2: Become the master of the money you have.

Know your bank account inside out, understand your bills, your debts and work out a plan to pay everything. What you pay attention to grows so really get to know your own situation.

3: Work out how much money you need.

To pay your bills, service your debts and do everything else you want to. All of it, down to the groceries and fuel.

4: Decide what you want to earn on top of that.

5: Have an idea of what you will use it for.

Remember money is energy and it needs to flow, to have purpose. So giving it one is really important.

6: Call in the amount you want.

“I am easily receiving….. right now”. Then feel into this mantra with the energy of a curious wondrous child. You don’t know how, but you know its happening, you’re excited and interested.

7: Make sure you have the infrastructure in place to support your money goal.

There is no point calling $10k in if there is no way in your business that you can achieve this. If this is the case, start working towards building your list, connecting with clients, growing your visibility so that this goal comes closer and closer until you do have everything in place practically.

8: Some things you will need to give up to the Universe.

“Send me my soul clients who are willing, ready and able to invest in themselves through my work”.

9: Let go of how and when this will happen.

These are details, step fully into trust here. Keep doing what you need to, what you can do but trust completely that you will ‘easily receive … right now’.

10: Know you are completely supported in your desires by the Universe.

In ways you can’t fathom, remember time is relative, you may experience instant manifestation or it may take longer.

11: Do all of this with an open heart to the best of your ability.

12: Sit with gratitude for all that you have.

All that you are able to do, and all the things that money enables you to do. Be grateful for your debts, if you have them, and all that they gave you so far. Gratitude is the vibration of love and will lift the energy. Remember, the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, so be in your highest vibration.

Unpack YOUR money story, and write a new one. Use the power of the Universe and your ability to create a life that is amazing. Everything in Universal Law is set up for you to do this. YOU just need to get out of your own way!

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