What Does High Vibration Mean?


You’ve heard the terms ‘high-vibe’, but what does high vibration actually mean?

Lets start with everything is energy. Everything emits an energetic frequency depending on how it is made up. So we, as human beings, have a particular energetic framework. Something that emits ‘human’ rather than ‘mouse’ or ‘tree’ or ‘airplane’ or ‘table. On top of our baseline hum, we have our emotional energy, and this is where it gets really interesting.

Our emotions are energy in motion (E-Motion), and our emotions affect our vibration.

Simply put, feeling negative lowers the level of vibration, feeling positive lifts the level of vibration.

A low vibration can bring the feeling of heaviness. A high vibration a feeling of lightness.

Matter (the thing all of our physical world is made from) holds a low vibration compared to light. So you can see that if you are positive your vibration will rise and you will feel lighter in your human life.

Urghhhh… yes, you’ve heard all of this waffle before haven’t you. Lighter/heavier/positive/negative. Blahdeblahadebla. Does this all sound like rubbish. Perhaps it does, but lets look into it a little bit more.

Think of how you feel when you are happy? Does your body feel better, are you able to stand more upright? Does this happiness accumulate and allow you to get lots done, be effective at work, speak out about the things you need and want more easily. Do you feel well and at ease when you are happy, do you find contentment in little things and and idea that life is a wonderful thing?

Then think of how you feel when you are anxious, resentful, angry or sad. Do you feel small, does this feeling expand within you and bring frustration and feeling of being stuck. Do you want to retreat into yourself, or do you snap and find you have angry outbursts. Does everything feel difficult, do you decide that life is just hard and to be endured?The description of a happy feeling lifts you doesn’t it. It reminds you of feeling in flow with your life. When you are happy life is sunny, even when the weather is raining, if you are happy you find the rain is accepted, welcomed as part of life, something that comes to feed growth. This is a positive outlook. One where even if its ‘raining’, you can see the reason behind the rain is a good one. This positivity feeds your feeling of personal power, of joy, of clarity of purpose and of love for yourself and all those around you. This positivity breeds excitement for life.

The description of an anxious feeling reminds you of feeling powerless and out of control, of beating yourself up inside for not being good enough and for all the things you haven’t done well enough. Everything seems gloomy, even the sunshine can been too hot, you are constantly on the look out, expecting difficult situations to arise. You find yourself feeling stressed out all of the time and even great things, like business growth can be described as ‘stressful’ rather than exciting.

Take a moment while reading this, and think about your own thoughts and emotions. Do you find yourself often spiralling into negative mind chatter or do you find your mind is calm and peaceful and you are able to hear your intuitive thoughts and recognise your gut feeling.A high vibration means that your thoughts, feeling and emotions are coming from a positive place. One where you understand who you are, you have got to know your behaviour and your emotional triggers and can master them.

A high vibration means always striving to be the best you can be in any given moment. And it means coming from a place of self love, compassion and excitement for life.

A high vibration means taking responsibility for your own life, not being pulled into outside situations or dramas or crisis. A high vibration means dealing with situations that may be difficult knowing that you will come through them stronger, with a better understanding of yourself.

And, finally, a high vibration means not judging others. It means accepting everybody for who they are on their own journey in their own life, it means leading by example and being the change you want to see in the World. A high vibration is a way of living, a peace with yourself, full of joy and gratitude for this crazy life we live. A high vibration is an easy thing to find and emit. All it takes is self love, self understanding, self awareness, gratitude and patience.

Want to know how to live a life of high vibration?

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