I know the feeling you have when you look into the mirror and don’t recognise what you see.

That reflection of you isn’t actually you, because you’re hiding. Hiding from yourself.

I can hear your mind chatter, the negative repeating patterns that go around your head, bringing in self-doubt, causing you to procrastinate on decisions, and making you afraid of what may be coming in the future. I understand your need to control everything around you to make you feel safe. I also know that all these things ensure that you stay small and stuck.

You yearn for more. Every day you search for ways to discover how you can develop as a person, you trawl the internet looking for someone that can connect the dots of your life for you, all the while secretly feeling guilty that you aren’t grateful for what you already have.

Been there, got the T-Shirt, though, you don’t need to go and live the movie.

You are ready for change, there is no more time to wait and you want to make a difference in your life, you want to feel happy, fulfilled and worthy of your dreams, and your dreams are big ones, you just can’t seem to quite reach them.

You can have and be all that you want to. It isn’t even difficult to find the way to be and do that. It is all inside you, in your inner world, that secret place you don’t tell anyone about. The trick is to uncover it.

Wherever you are in life, seemingly successful in business, financially abundant, exploring entrepreneurial ways of living or simply supporting your family, there will always be one thing in your way of living more of life. Being exciting, joyful, creating, expressive and full of energy.


Everything is energy!

I knew I was searching but didn’t know what I was searching for.

I knew something was missing or lost. What I didn’t know was that I was truly searching for ME, and ready to come home to myself.

It was physical pain that was a first wake up call, but I knew the real issues were energetic.

What I didn’t know was where to begin, or how to understand any of the changes I wanted to make moving forward.

I now understand that EVERYTHING is energy, and that “there is only me!”

Megan Moore

That one thing, is YOU.

My work, is all about discovering and mastering all of You. Your emotions, your behaviours, your core beliefs, and releasing the amazing inventive power within you. It is about unleashing your potential into the World, to be the best you can be, so that all that searching, yearning and wondering if there is more vanishes.

I know you, come and let me show you how to know you too.


Just when you thought you couldn’t go bigger...

Sashka Hanna Rappl

Creator of Soul Brand Marketing©


Helped me explore my connection...

Rebecca Kellogg

Intuitive Leader & Guide


I just want to celebrate...

Brenda J King Clinical Psychologist, Intuitive, Healer, Guide


Wow, she is a spiritual powerhouse...

Amy Bellart Aromatherapist/Healer


Dr. Shanequa Fleming, MBA

I’ve had the ability to lead and inspire others to be the greatest version of themselves since I was a young girl. However, as many women, at pivotal points in my life what IS natural for me became clouded by the filters of society that suggests women should “be seen and not heard.” So I muffled my voice.


Working with Sarah has helped me to clearly see the core and true essence of who I am. I’ve embraced the great vision of who I am and the power of my calling to lead and support other executives and leaders to powerfully serve the world.

we will cover together:

Taking a look within you at your core beliefs around how life ‘should’ be can drastically change the way you live.


Mindset is so important to how you live your life.

If you are constantly expecting the worst, guess what will happen… yep… the worst.

So taking a look within you at your core beliefs around how life ‘should’ be can drastically change the way you live.

For example, if you have an unconscious belief that life is hard, or you have to work hard to earn a living. Then that belief will attract a hard life and hard work.

This kind of belief is embedded in our unconscious early in our life, learned from our environment and care givers.

How much better to shift this to a conscious belief that life is for living, life is all about experiencing as much as we can and life is what we make it and we will make it good.

As I said…

Mindset is so important to how you live your life.


It is easy to forget how lucky we are here in the Western World.

Gratitude in the moment, heart felt gratitude for all that we have changes this.

Take a moment to have a look around your life right now. You have a home, food, warmth, water, fresh air, friends, family and education.

Yet we take all of that for granted. And, sometimes can get bogged down in what we haven’t got which can create a negative mindset (see above).

Gratitude is the energy of love, which the Universe exists upon.

It is a high vibrational field that when lived with helps create abundance.

We attract what we most think about, what we feel and believe within.

So gratitude as a feeling, as a thought as a core belief is a powerful way to attract many more things that you can be grateful for in your life.


That over-used word. Abundance. What does it really mean? It means overflowing cup of everything you need, want, desire, dream of.

Abundance is something we all have, our Earth, the Universe is abundant. You only have to see the jungle and see the amount of life teeming within it to understand that this place we exist in is absolutely the most abundant thing.

Our job, is to open up and to receive the abundance that we desire.

Can you do that? Really receive what is on offer to you?

Or do you find yourself making excuses as to why you can’t do something, why its easier to not do anything, do you wait for everything to be perfect, forever sabotaging your progress forward. All these things close you down. Stop you from receiving all that you can.

Abundance is for you, come and claim it


Warm and engaging

After having one form of coaching or another for 20 years It is rare to come across someone who can, in a matter of moments, decipher and interpret the challenges one faces and get the measure of blockages and challenges they are dealing with.

Sarah was warm and engaging from the off and demonstrated a significant depth of wisdom not often encountered.

I am at the beginning my journey with her skills, but would not hesitate to endorse and recommend her for anyone in almost any phase of their life!

Adam Young Strategic Financial Planner


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